Singer-songwriter Rachel Mason’s latest single ‘One Breath Closer‘ is such a moving song which a lot of people in the current climate will relate to.

Rachel wrote the song during the lockdown when it was hard for everyone ; “The song was inspired by talking to my parents and mother in law on FaceTime during lockdown and hearing them say they were “fine” but knowing they weren’t.”

A stripped back indie-folk piece, with some amazing heartfelt lyrics and of course Mason’s beautiful vocals just make such a heartwarming piece that a lot of people would enjoy. The first 10 seconds and the display of the minimalistic, yet enchanting acoustic guitar, is enough to draw anyone in.

Rachel is a mental health ambassador and her lyrics are so captivating for those who are struggling in lockdown or anyone missing their friends and family. Lyrically, this gives off such a positive message that ‘this too shall pass’. The title ‘One Breath Closer originated from Mason’s mindset ; “All I could hold on to is that I was one Breath Closer to seeing them again, no matter when that would be.”

Overall this track is very much needed at the minute, with the Winter months upon us a lot of people will be in need of such an elegant tune that radiates positivity!

One Breath Closer‘ is available to listen to now. If you are a fan of this you will definitely love the rest of Mason’s discography.