Rafaricho – Missed call

Channeling that acoustic teen angst we all remember creating ourselves, Sheffield-based teen Rafaricho releases his single ‘Missed Call’.

Released on Valentine’s day, the gushy lyrics capture the artist’s early attempt at an acoustic venture into the world of young romance. The sort of predictable indie-teen influences are certainly apparent in the track (Alex Turner, Jamie T, the Libertines etc.) through the twangy acoustic guitar, un-melodic vocals, and a minimal level of instrumentation.

The ideas are certainly there, but the execution itself needs some guidance. The acoustic guitar (which awkwardly opens the track) is very noticeably out of tune, which when mixed with its twangy tones, prove quite difficult to listen to.

The lyrics are very choppy and take a ‘list’ style approach (street signs, head lights, early mornings and late nights, cold hands and tired eyes, lips stained with red wine) instead of a clearer style narrative. Again, the ideas are there, and I can see what style Rafaricho is trying to go for, but it just feels very basic and falls into the stereotypical material we hear from young male singer-songwriters.

About halfway through the track, a rhythm section is introduced and unfortunately doesn’t do the music any favours. The strumming form of the guitar falls in and out of time with the rhythm pattern itself appearing to stop and start in certain sections. Topped with the choppy lyrical ‘list’ style, the whole song just misses the mark.

Though the teething problems are apparent in the music, it’s only natural of an early attempt at an acoustic ballad. In the future, I’m sure these issues will figure themselves out with experience and maturity. If I was to offer some advice to the artist, first and foremost I’d suggest using a click track whilst recording and making sure that the guitar has been tuned properly.