Rafaricho – Poison

Doncaster’s Rafaricho has recently made his return with his latest single, ‘Poison’. The track is the 14-year-olds second release of the year, also his second ever release, seeing him expand his sound palette and allowing him to play with his influences even more. The release of ‘Poison’ follows on from his first release, ‘Missed Call’, which quickly reached 1,000 streams on Spotify, catching the eye of indie lovers across the country.

Whilst listening to ‘Poison’, it becomes clear that the likes of The Last Shadow Puppets have played a big role in shaping Rafaricho’s sound. However, this track also shows how Rafaricho has matured as an artist and as a songwriter.

‘Poison’ is a short yet ambient release, strongly channeling the acoustic, teen angst that we can all remember creating, and feeling, ourselves. It features stunning, harmonic vocals which cement the song as standing out from others of its kind.

With ‘Poison’, Rafaricho shows immense willingness to experiment with his musical style. Rafaricho is extremely talented, using his influences to his advantage and at the age of 14, he’s making huge waves in the indie scene.

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