Rafaricho – Run Away

Doncaster’s Rafaricho makes a heartfelt return with his third single ‘Run Away’.
Following up releases ‘Missed Call’ and ‘Poison’ earlier this year – the young artist (real name Rafael Richardson) has previously dabbled in genres from indie pop and alternative, but this newest effort brings a much more country pop vibe to our ears.
An original tune co-written with Anna Winstanley – ‘Run Away’ features guest vocals from Martha Goddard of Liverpool outfit Hushtones and covers the timeless theme of love at first sight.

Softly opening with the twang of an acoustic guitar melody, the lyrics tell of the moment the artist first lay eyes on the object of his affection. Whether a true new relationship or simply a crush from afar, Richardson wonders out loud about where their future will lead listing flights of fancy and pipe dreams along the way.

“I don’t know what we’re looking for / Are you mine or am I yours?”

Vocally, Rafaricho comes across rather tentative in the verses, yet this adds to the cautious feelings he reveals. There’s a sincere honesty to his performance – and confidence in time will only push this further for the teen musician. Indeed, there’s a hint at this as the song progresses with vocals becoming bolder and more self-assured. The addition of harmonies from Goddard in the chorus also take the song to a fuller richer sound.

“And maybe we should run away / Hide until the day ends”

There are some great little background sounds laced throughout such as a bus pulling away, sirens and footsteps which give a nice atmospheric touch.

Maybe they did run away in the end or perhaps only his imagination did.. it’s hard to tell.
But either way, ‘Run Away’ is a neat country pop-flavoured ballad telling an age-old tale. Oh and it’s bloody catchy too.