Ragdoll – Rise

Rising from the ashes, Northampton based outfit Ragdoll are back after 25 years to release brand new music. Reforming after 2 and a half decades, it’s fair to say the band haven’t lost it.

Showcasing their classic rock roots, ‘Rise’ was inspired by the trials and turbulences, and various movements that happened throughout the world in 2020. We’ve all been through this past year together, and Ragdoll’s latest single exclaims how we must stick together through the world’s recovery of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Equipped with an 80s infused guitar tone and grunge-esque vocals, ‘Rise’ doesn’t let fans down. About the collective power of people stand up against injustice and world complications, this track comes in peace and radiates pure positivity. Feeling slightly old fashioned in its production, there’s something about rock music that will always turn peoples heads.

Armed with an Axl Rose meets Bruce Dickinson vocal, this track is passionate and certainly able to get your foot tapping from the first bar. Written, recorded, mixed and mastered by the band in different locations, the track and upcoming EP was born during lockdown across England, Ireland and the US.