Raggy Gold – ABBIE

Going with a very down tempo country aesthetic, Raggy Gold’s single Abbie is a slightly odd, yet well-meaning grass roots country song full of heart.

The very easy and laid back tune, full to the brim with acoustic guitar and gentle drum beats, is quite the pleasant tune to listen to. There’s a hard leaning into country twang here that hits all the right notes for anyone who’s a fan of the genre. 

Whilst being fairly basic in its composition, it’s still got some life to it and is quite the catchy little number. The bass and drums compliment the guitar with their slightly understated presence, gently filling out the backing sounds with the consistent easy going aesthetic. 

The vocals are a mellow and soft spoken affair, with a very sweet touch to them. Singing with a strong admiration that is questionable as to whether it’s love or just purely passing admiration that fills the singers voice, with the ambiguity not helped by the lyrics. It does become a little difficult to unpack at times given that there’s no outright statement that this is a love song through and through. 

One of the most awkward moments comes early on, referring to the title girl of Abbie, as an angel on furlough. It’s a very current affair topic that comes off as rather cringe-inducing given the current climate. But rather than moving on with a tongue in cheek attitude, it’s leaned into, repeated and harped upon even more as the song continues. It really sours the whole thing with just how off-kilter and out of the blue it is. 

Abbie is a well-meaning song, but bungled lyrics do dampen the sweet impact of it when looked at through a current day lens.