Rames – Eleanor Street

Now I’m gonna have this quick convo as I’m not sure people necessarily remember ‘l’histoire’, so to speak, of where this ‘Indie’ labella came from. ‘Indie’ not shockingly, but commonly overlooked, came from the desire of independent record labels to release music, that would be otherwise overlooked by the major record labels. ‘We can’t get signed, let’s do it ourselves because we like it and we know others do’, which has and hasn’t work to many degrees of success or failure.

That depending, on who you were, or weren’t working for, and which pot the money ended up in. That was the resolve of independence. No one knew where the money was or wasn’t, but ‘the man’ had been done over somewhere along the line. Unfortunately the mighty John Peel is not here to pick between the current bands, his ability to differentiate a band because of their cultural significance (unknown to most at time), or insignificance. 

So now we are left with this grey area of which #indie is definitely culpable. I am not saying that a band should not try to get their heads above others’ water, but as so often has been the case with bands. You are going to need your snorkel and flippers to stay on top.’Rames’ is a band that has seemingly done the hard work, with nods from BBC introducing and a signing to ‘Indie Central Management’, this London four-piece has done the gigs and earned their support slots (‘Sucker’ and ‘Scruff of the neck records’).

The new track ‘Eleanor Street‘ is ‘three minutes of bright and breezy indie-pop, hinged on airy guitars… the perfect accompaniment to those first tentative touches of spring we’re feeling’. And so it is, jangly guitars and optimistic chords are met with husky vocals, beating ‘tom’s’ and a dreamy irreverence.

There is a drive for a dirge of electric guitars to the end, and a single choral ‘hey’ to keep up proceedings. All and all a good wholesome track. It makes me call up the track ‘We Tried’ by, ‘Hot Light Fiesta’, a track which I encourage everyone to listen to. They had a true indie vibe, and in that sense put 9 minutes of material into each track which in the end meant it was unsellable. If Rames could just push in a touch of the ‘Hot light fiesta’ way, they’ll be on their way to independence.