Reasons to visit the Notty House in Sheffield.

Formally known as Nottingham House, these pie-pioneers have been top dog in Sheffield for years now and it’s not hard to see why. With a great selection of homemade pies including vegan/vegetarian options that are served with a hefty portion of chips or mash, traditional mushy peas and a boat of the tastiest gravy that will ever coat your tongue- you’re not gonna find a microwaved Holland’s pie around here anytime soon. 

A favourite with both students and full-time residents alike, Notty House has tapped into a some-what untouched market. Of course, there are dozens of establishments that serve a good pie in Sheffield just as there are an abundance of cosy pubs serving warming food but Notty House seems to have perfected the pub atmosphere. Whether it’s the relaxed attitude of the staff, the old boardgames left out for people to play or the comfy chairs and sofas that are dotted around the room – Notty House has something that makes you want to stay forever. There’s nothing more satisfying than to finish a huge slab of pie before slouching yourself in a leather-cushioned chair and seeing out your food coma.

Now, for the food. When you walk into the pub, you will be faced with a blackboard featuring a variety of pies which often include feta, artichoke and red pepper; steak and stilton; chicken and leek; asparagus and mushroom and a lot more. I often go for the classic steak and ale pie as there’s something about tender steak covered in pastry and gravy which excites me (maybe it’s a northern thing). The pie comes in a sturdy pastry casing which crumbles in your mouth as you devour it. Inside, it holds a piping-hot filling that is sure to satisfy anyone with a craving for comfort food. The meat is so tender and succulent it’s as if it’s been slow-cooking for the last 48 hours.

As I said earlier, all of their pies are served with homemade chips or mash, mushy peas and gravy…not a bad do for £7.50. I always opt for their buttery mash (as it’s my favourite form of potato) but I haven stolen chips of my unsuspecting girlfriend’s plate before so I can report that the chips are just as good. A hearty portion of thick-cut, crispy-coated, twice-cooked chips is a winner in any book. The mushy peas are also extremely tasty considering they’re just mushy peas. The dish is topped with a thick and warm gravy that compliments every aspect of the dish.

I can almost guarantee that if you visit here once, you’ll be dying to come back again. There’s something about Notty House which lures you in and keeps you there – well-priced food, a good selection of drinks and friendly, attentive staff all add up to create an environment that no one would want to leave.

Notty House is an iconic eatery in Sheffield, so if you’re passing through be sure to check it out.

Notty House can be found at 164 Whitham Rd, Sheffield S10 2SR and is open from 12pm-12am daily.