Red Shakes – Around the World

Encouraging memories of feel-good indie rock of the noughties to float to the surface, Red Shakes’ ‘Around The World’ (set for release 25th September) is yet another nod to the notorious genre.

Jumping into the mix with feedback, tight snares and trebly guitar tones, simplistic guitar riffs follow the introduction in a catchy, breezy fashion. The guitars dampen themselves down in the verse to make way for the vocals, but the tones utilised by the instruments feel a bit clashy- The rhythm guitar follows a muddy, more mid-heavy sound whilst the lead guitar uses an almost-piercingly trebly tone. If the contrasting tones are mixed right then this can create a cool, textured landscape for the music but the guitars in this case, however, seem to travel on opposite ends of the spectrum making them feel slightly disjointed.

The instrumentation adjusts itself in a more balanced fashion during the choruses, providing a base for the vocals to execute poppy melodies over. Though the vocal line is indeed catchy in the chorus, the overall mix sounds a little dry and would really benefit from the addition of vocal harmonies or a synth- something to add a bit of smoothness to the music. 

Structurally, the track follows a typical pop style verse / chorus / verse / chorus / bridge / chorus which only adds a level of predictability to the music. The bridge of the song repeats the same couple of lines in a build up to the songs last section but doesn’t stray very far from the tracks style and blends in a little too much with the rest of the music.

The melodies and riffs used in the track as a whole are catchy, pleasant and accessible but the music just lacks a spark of excitement. The guitar tones certainly need tidying up here and there but the song does feel a little bit dry, almost like its missing another instrument or backing vocals to really thicken it up and give it a bit more personality.

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