Red Snapper


Tonight’s gig (2nd November 2023) involved a jaunt down the M5 to Bristol, a City I have never been to, to a venue called The Jam Jar, for an evening of Instrumental, genre-bending sounds from Red Snapper and their special guests Elftraps.

First of all i’d like to comment on the venue. Located in a rather unassuming position on the outskirts of Bristol it would be quite easy to miss, nestled among aging industrial units and new-ish housing complexes.

To get into the venue you go up a set of steps and enter a medium sized room that can only really be described as a pure grassroots venue.

A small bar stocking Craft beers, spirits and not your standard branded soft drinks and a stage which has to have the most unique backdrop I have ever seen. The staff were extremely friendly (including the security) and it really did feel like a welcoming place.

And with how quickly the room got packed it was clear that despite its position it was a well known little venue. Well worth a visit (I shall definitely be keeping an eye on their listings with a return in mind).

The room was already packed when special guests “Elftraps” came on stage. This 2 member outfit consisted of the Drummer and an electrical wizard/keyboardist.

The quiet, unassuming Manchester duo, set up facing each other, started laying down some real futuristic sounding numbers. Very hard to pin any kind of genre on them, they can only be described as they are on their website: “Manchester’s latest complex synth-routed and mechanised robotic percussion jazz and electronic duo”

Tonight’s crowd were not shy in filling the space right in front of the stage, standing and taking in the sound that was filling the venue and giving a healthy, encouraging round of applause between every track. There wasn’t much interaction from the Duo but there didn’t need to be, the music itself did the talking.

If you like your music to be a real journey with unexpected twists and turns then they are well worth going to see. I got a chance to speak to them briefly afterwards and was surprised to hear that they were a fairly new act.

You wouldn’t have been able to tell as they effortlessly bounced off each other and had that unspoken connection on stage that a lot of bands and acts take years to build. Once they are on Spotify I will, without any doubt, be giving them a follow.

After a brief recess it was time for Red Snapper to take to the stage. And it was a loud reception they received as they did.

There were some there that have been listening to Red Snapper from an early age and some there that were quite young, but with a so many quality albums under their belt it’s no surprise as there is something that is bound to appeal to anyone.

Another band that mix genres such as “dark funk, hip-hop, dub, psychedelic surf, afro-jazz and beautiful, fragile soundscapes” (as described on their website) in a way that can make you melt away and just be there in the moment forgetting about your worries.

This evening there is a real positive atmosphere, everyone really getting into the groove, getting right up to the stage and dancing about. There wasn’t a person in there that didn’t have an eye on that stage or at least a foot tapping or a head bobbing.

Red Snapper are one of those that can be firmly placed in the “doing it for the passion” camp. Within the few brief addresses they gave the crowd was a heartfelt thank you for coming out and listen to them do what they love, and they continue to do it because the fans love it, it’s a wonderful relationship, a real feel of appreciation from both sides.

As with most bands nowadays they are self funded, and it’s an awesome site seeing how supportive the fans are of this by packing out the place to come and see them.

Passion for what they do is put across with how the quartet perform effortlessly, bouncing off each other as they play crowd pleaser after crowd pleaser, spanning their impressive, eclectic back catalogue.

I really cannot put across how pleasantly atmospheric it is in words, what I write cannot do it justice, it’s something that really has to be experienced in person.

All I can say is the band feed off the crowds vibe, and the crowd feeds off the bands vibe. When something like this is so diverse in sound it’s hard not to enjoy it.

Mixed with how down to earth the band members are it’s hard not to respect them and it’s harder to miss a chance to see them play. Even days after i’m still feeling the buzz from both bands sets.

Song Of The Night for me was “B Planet”

This tour continues in a couple of weeks on the following dates (see the bands website below or venue websites for ticket details):

Nov 15th @ The Forum, Tunbridge Wells. Nov 16th @ The Corn Exchange in Hertford. Nov 17th @ Ramsgate Music Hall. Nov 18th @ Rich Mix, London.