REDSIX – Vessel

Indonesia based outfit, REDSIX showcase a fresh, modern pop-rock vibe to the world in ‘Vessel’. The latest offering is another example of the quality that REDSIX illuminate with each listen.

After the success of their first full-length debut album ‘Uproar’ back in 2018, the album was filled with a strong range of upbeat and fast paced tracks written in English. Sticking with an English approach, ‘Vessel’ is another strong statement in the band’s career illustrating the growth and colour of the music industry in Indonesia. 

Radio-worthy with it’s length, the strong vocals of Denny and instrumentation from the full band soar with confidence. ‘Vessel’ illuminates itself as a love track with elements of pop-punk thrown into the mix. With a subtle chord change in the chorus, that one chord change gives the song a whole different feel to it’s core.

Let’s not forget the key change towards the end, too! Even though the key change gives the track that elevated boost, it also makes it slightly cheesier.

Maybe an instrumental break or a slowed down section would have suited the overall concept and modernised it that little bit more. Overall, it’s a memorable number that will leave a mark on your heart for a while to come. In a time where the world is hurting, this single feels prominent now then ever. We all must come together and be at one.