Reece Hoare – Somehow

Winchester based singer-songwriter Reece Hoare storms back onto the scene with elevating new single ‘Somehow‘. Known for creating soundscapes that come across as reassuring yet armed with a melancholy feel, this artist is best described as Lewis Capaldi gone rock.

Telling the story of someone looking back to when they were in a place surrounded by people and happiness, this single comes across as relatable for the whole globe.

When our whole lives were turned upside 16 months ago, all we could do was look back on memories, instead of making them. Feeling heavily influenced by the pandemic in many ways, ‘Somehow‘ feels highly optimistic that good times will come again. Stating that nothing’s been the same since Kieran Trippier’s free-kick against Croatia three years ago, it definitely feels that way after the Euros three years later.

Driven by Reece’s personality, it’s his enchanting vocals that take centre stage and steal the full spotlight. The production doesn’t have any real dynamics or arrangement, which lets the track down slightly. Nevertheless, the lyrical concept and charisma throughout the track really does level the overall feel out.

Working closely with producer Sam Carter-Brazier, this partnership feels youthful and refreshing. Reece has a lot of potential.