Here are RGM we’re known for supporting underground “Reyt Good” music so we went down to the iconic 33 Oldham Street in Manchester to find out what previous single of the week bands, punk darlings “Regal Cheer” and Manchester’s own “Green Wire” had to offer on Valentine’s evening.

Snug venue with a respectable, scattered crowd was the atmosphere for this one. We got a treat of a bonus support band known as Guts. An angsty punk 4 piece with a lot to give, humble after each song with a crowd who tried to make as much noise as possible. Definitely enjoyable and will be looking forward to finding more of their work.

Next up was the indie trio Green Wire.

All going well, some good tracks played that have been enjoyed in the past, some really cool new stuff, and some good crowd banter and storytelling. Unfortunately, the experience was soured by the finale. A technical difficulty on the lead guitar for the last song resulted in said guitarist and lead singer putting down the instrument and huffed out; leaving the bassist and drummer at a complete loss for what to do. Real shame for them too since it would have been a cracking set.

Could have just been a bad night for the guy so wouldn’t begrudge too much if it’s happened in the past but perhaps this lad needs to rethink his approach when issues arise so it doesn’t impact his fellow band members. Doesn’t reflect on the music they make though because that is decent.

ReallyBigReallyClever on their 5th ever show were a riot. Catchy headbangers, lot of energy but in a sweet way. You could tell they were happy to be there and appreciated the crowd despite most of whom didn’t fancy having a dance and would much rather stand and listen. Talented bunch who would set off an absolute storm in other circumstances. Definitely look into them.

Last but absolutely not least we got to hear the entire new album “Cans” by Regal Cheer which I was hugely excited for. 17 minutes of pure punk with soul from down the Brighton sea front. Couple of jokes about the “tiny” drumkit during a slight tech issue which I liked. These boys are just enjoyable to speak to and listen to. You get two minutes tops of pure neckbreak met with a “thank you” and what should have FAR louder applause in my opinion. I thoroughly enjoyed the album and it was a proper treat to hear live.