Reverend And The Makers:​ Elastic Fantastic

Sheffield’s legendary bounce-merchants Reverend and the Makers are on the crest of a wave after a summer of standout festival performances, so there’s never been a more perfect time to hit the shelves with a Best Of album and a couple of tasty new tracks.

Elastic Fantastic’ is the second of those new tunes, and it’s pretty bloody impressive that McClure and co can crack out such a banger seemingly off the cuff, outside of the standard album sessions time period.

Featuring guest vocals from old friend Rich Westley, the Makers march through the two-and-a-half-minute barnstormer, making it look easy to get a song to burrow into your head and stay there.

The pace of the track is tailor-made to clap along and stomp your feet to, just as the Reverend demands at the tail end, and Ed Cosens guitar transforms from cheeky to gritty in the blink of an eye as the solo comes around.

Keeping up with the twisting and turning of the lyrics might be a struggle for even the most committed Makers fan, but if in doubt you can always test the limits of your falsetto by joining in with the backing vocals. 

Elastic Fantastic’ is short, sweet and catchy- ideal for radio play one would think. McClure has talked on Twitter this week of his frustration at being overlooked by the nation’s stations, but the evidence shows that the Rev Army is always growing its ranks and tunes like this can’t be ignored forever.

Photo Credit Model D Photography