Review : Ashley Sherlock – Run

Funky, bluesy and sophisticated. That’s a brief 3-word summary of what to expect when you stick on the latest tune from Manchester’s Ashley Sherlock.

Run is the sort of tune you’d find fitting to a slow drive on a sweaty summer’s day. It’s got a nice swingy mood to it that makes the hairs on your neck stand on end.

The vast texture of the song is what makes it such a masterpiece. Everything from the clean-cut vocal track to the subtle, sexy keys at the bottom of the mix is well thought through and brilliantly carried out.

The brief moments when the vocals go from clean to dirty give it this alluring dynamic. It’s almost like a lounge band having a jam, there’s moments that feel very spontaneous. It’s clever.

If you like your blues, jazz or even mainstream indie music, this is a song for you. Take a listen, it’s an education.