Review : Bang Bang Romeo – Shame on You

A distinctly Americana swagger reverberates within the sonic corridors of Bang Bang Romeo’s new single Shame on You.

With a powerful and titillating hook which drives the song, the production is fresh and crisp, carrying the underlying instrumentation of the performance. The guitar twangs in unison with the hard-hitting bombast of the percussion.

It’s hard to listen to this track without becoming hypnotised by the ever-powerful voice of Bang Bang’s Anastasia Walker. If I were forced at gun-point to compare her voice to anyone, it would be Adele. But that is unfair, because Walker can manipulate and use her voice with such an attitude and rock n roll approach that I’ve never heard someone like Adele do. Often, strong voices are squandered by tepid song-writing, but Bang Bang Romeo have found the formula.

This track is explosive, dynamic, but most importantly it is fun. It has the potential to shift entire crowds from stationary statues into bustling and bouncing thrill-seeking dancers. With each release Bang Bang Romeo perfect their craft, with each release they bring something fresh to the fore, which makes me ever excited for future adventures with them.