Review : Hey Bulldog – No Future (Part II)

Manchester garage rockers Hey Bulldog are returning with new single No Future (Part II), released today (December 7). This is a piece which moves away from what we have seen previously from the band, and has all the hallmarks of a band who are willing to experiment until they find that perfect sound we all crave.

When talking of how this track came to be, lead vocalist Rob Manton claimed it “Came about naturally as a Jam”, and that is very apparent from the way the song takes several unexpected turns through its 5 minutes, constantly keeping you on our toes.

All in all this is a enjoyable listen. It is layered very competently with the only constant being one long deep drone of a keyboard in the distance. At points, you are willing it to go somewhere that it never reaches, but that being said it still rumbles on with a great complexity of sounds that do not dull until it is over.

After several listens you are still not sure what this track is. Is it garage? Is it indie? It has elements of both of these and more, which is the main source of its charm. A very brave attempt at a cross genre tune, with special mention going to the extremely memorable alt riffs which build to crescendo gloriously. In my opinion this slight change of sound has paid off, and I am looking forward to hearing where they can take it next.