Review : Dakota Avenue – Dead men don’t grin

A light, ethereal mashup of indie pop and cult poetry.

Some music is great for some easy listening, some music is great for when you’re smashing up somebody else’s uni-campus flat. The fact is, not every tune has to have that aggressive kick behind it to make it interesting. Manchester trio Dakota Avenue’s latest collection of tunes, set for release throughout 2018, are a great example of that.

The band have this light and fluffy texture, it’s not too harsh, yet is has the potential to get your head bobbing along. The song ‘Doormat’ is a good example of how a punchy bassline, solid drumbeat and poetic set of lyrics can draw you into a song without having it thrown in your face.

The lyrics really give the songs the flow, the potential to be really catchy. They’re colloquial, poetic and very well written. It’s almost like cult poetry backed up by some solid beats. Lines like ‘I used to drink Ribena from the bottle like a rebel’ are tongue in cheek, they’ve got that touch of humour. It’s ace.

The songs aren’t to be taken mega seriously. Much akin to bands like Pulp, and artists like Ian Dury, they’re there to entertain through the lyrics, not to show off.

I think these songs have a cool, refreshing and original sound to them, and I love the way that the poetic nature of the lyrics in songs such as ‘Dead men don’t grin’ and ‘Stupid game’ add to the flow and rhythm to create easy-going masterpieces.