Review : Dead Slow Hoot ‘An Island Keen To Float’

Ominous comes to mind when listening to the new ‘Dead Slow Hoot’ track, which is titled, “An Island Keen to Float”. The song strikes fast, but it does not strike hard. The gloomy and melancholy vocal melodies which wrap around a whole array of delicately constructed sounds cannot help but cause a mass flurry of shivers to cascade down your spine. The vocal driven track is very much routed in a post-Joy Division era of infatuating music built around soaring post-rock crescendos and gentle guitar strokes, in which the notes are like strikes against your emotional psyche.

This is perhaps one of the most musically interesting and ‘outsideofthebox’ tunes I’ve received on this mag from a small band. The depth of the lyrical prose and the fidelity of transitions which flex genre boundaries made this a great listen. The song starts, progresses, and finishes in entirely different moods and forms. The song is a bulky 6 minutes long so it has plenty of room to not compromise on the composition just to fit a 3 minute radio mark (although there is a radio edit available).

This song really impressed me, I had no idea who the band were or what kind of music I would be greeted to when launching VLC. What I received was pleasant, yet haunting. It was a gift from my subconscious dreams but also my estranged nightmares. I would recommend this song to anyone who enjoys emo (American Football-esque), Post-punk, post-rock, low-fi folk etc. It will really hit a sweet spot you didn’t know was there.

This is a song I wish I’d written.