Review : False Heads – ‘Less is Better’ EP

False Heads are back with an EP that successfully walks the tightrope between infectious alt-rock and a fist full of gravel; try thinking of The Hives getting Turbowolf drunk on a dinner date.

Less is Better’, the newest offering from East London’s False Heads, is a rollercoaster through the worlds of Indie, Pop, Alt-Rock, Punk, and Grunge, so when you inevitably stumble across this band in years to come, don’t say I didn’t warn you to check your safety harness was correctly fastened. You’ll need it.

Yellow, the EP’s opener, kicks things off with a ‘Hate to Say I Told You So’ style good old fashioned noughties Indie riff. It immediately grabs your attention, you can feel you head begin to nod, your foot starts to tap, and then with a crack of a snare, they take it up another couple of notches. There is no doubt that False Heads are mastering their craft – not only are they putting out an EP that rocks, their song structuring and use of multiple vocal tracking and harmonies in the studio, has made for a sound that has gone from big to massive. With Yellow, the use of this pulsating legato guitar in the verses, followed by that bouncy pop-infused intro riff for the chorus, helps emphasise the parts of the track that False Heads are trying to inject energy into. And then…at 1 minute and 50 seconds…there’s this noise. This noisy noise, perhaps the noisiest of noisy noises. It’s insanity in the best possible way.

Track 2 Help Yourself grooves, ebbs and flows towards punk-lased crescendo. It’s slower to build, allowing greater appreciation of the vocal nuances; almost spoken word verses, followed by a repetitious chant of a chorus you find difficult not to shout. It cries out for the ending it deserves, and False Heads give you just what you want before drawing you back to belting out “If you want you can stick around” as second-nature.

And then comes Retina, an endless assault that drops you almost into a trance, right up until this robotic guitar decides it fancies taking a go at punching you awake. It soars high above this gritty bass riff, the drums crash… It feels alive.

Finally, we reach Wrap Up (how apt). Track 4 of ‘Less is Better’ is by no means put at the end of the record to hide. No, no, no…this track sounds like Avalanche Party and Fizzy Blood and Lady Bird all decided that they should form a super-group. How False Heads create the sound they do with just the 3 of them is brilliantly impressive. Driving bassline? Check. Riff upon riff upon riff? Double Check. Drums that pummel you into the ground? You know where I’m going with this. It’s a brilliant EP to put it bluntly, and with the size of their upcoming tour, I’ll be disappointed in all of you if you don’t bag yourself a ticket to at least one show.