Review : False Heads – Yellow

False Heads are brewing something exciting, and ‘Yellow’ might just be the tip of an iceberg set to crash into your eardrums come September 21st.

False Heads are back, with bigger balls, bare-chested, and ready to fight their way into your lugholes. Yellow, the lead single from their forthcoming EP ‘Less is Better’ is a bit of a monster, shapeshifting through the realms of playful poppy alt-rock to the darkest reaches of psych and grunge. Sometimes, when a band packs so much influence, and so many twists and turns into a single track… you get lost, and the concept the band were trying to achieve becomes blurred and ineffective.

But False Heads aren’t your average band, are they? No, no they are not. Yellow is a big 2-fingered salute to anyone who tells you, ‘no, you can’t make a song like that’.

We begin this adventurous assault on the senses with ayouthful, bouncy indie infused clean riff; the sort that 2006 became synonymous with. And then, just like that, you’re launched head on into this whirlwind of modern-punk-esc vocals (I’m thinking bands like Shame here), driving drums, and this pulsating drawn-out jangling guitar riff that perfectly bridges the gap between the punchy alt-rock choruses where you can’t help but scream ‘THE LESS I KNOW! THE LESS I KNOW!’ on loop.

Here, brilliant use of multi-layer vocal tracking, soaring harmonies over spat out chorus lines, oohs and ahs, are all used to build a vocal sound the contributes to the overall gigantic wall of noise you’re being treated to.

And then it gets weird. Weird and wonderful I might add, but f*ck me, what is that guitar sound? It’s this mechanical, robotic, synth-like scream, that riffs and rocks and warps into this Turbowolf ‘Two-Hands-era’ clusterf*ck. It’s a thing of terrifying beauty. And, for me, that’s the point of False Heads. They exist to make you question what a band can be, and what’s actually going on in front of you – so go and see them on their absolute monster UK/EU tour, and you’ll realise that I’ve been speaking nothing but the truth all along.

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