Review : Good Foxy – Winning Man

Winning man is a chunky and funky romp with plenty of style behind it, with a penchant for blues inspired chords.

With a low tempo and pumping beat that comes echoes out like a heartbeat, Winning Man is certainly not lacking style and attitude. The bass and twanging guitar carries a lot of blues inspiration and is put to great use to set a very distinct mood. Whilst the same tune plays through the majority of the song, with a slight flourish here and there, your mostly going to be focused on the powerful vocal delivery.


Whilst the majority of the track is dominated by the same beat, the latter half does have a fairly chilled out guitar solo that doesnt compromise the laid back feel. The solo itself manages to mix it up, gaining some extra points for style, but never ruins the cool vibes.

With drums providing a slow paced beat, alongside the guitar and bass, they never really shine through and grab attention anywhere. Whereas the guitar has a dedicated solo, and the bass flourishes slightly at some points, the drums fade into the background noise. Though the length of the song and the overall style never lend much to the idea of instruments breaking out into the spotlight.

Lastly, the vocals are filled with plenty of swagger, with a little distortion thrown in to heighten the mood. With lyrics that describe a variety of debauchery and self indulgence, its no wonder the singer thinks of himself as a winning man.