Review : No Hot Ashes ‘Eight till Late’

With lyrics that tell tales of drunken nights, slurred romance and the woes of society, No Hot Ashes might be about to drop their best tune yet!

‘Eight Till Late’ opens with a catchy, poppy, yet ballad-style riff, accompanied by punchy, bouncy drum and bass. The song’s mood is instantly revealed, an upbeat yet hard-topic piece of music with some pretty creative musicianship.

After this rather indie introduction to the track, we’re thrown into the very original sound of the vocals. This rhythmic, shouty expression, almost poetic at times, is complimented very well by the drums during the verse. As we enter the chorus, the vocals become more powerful and melodic. The growl on the high notes really adds a lot to the song. This raw, aggressive sound backs up the lyrics perfectly and makes the chorus the absolute best part of the song. It’s catchy, hard hitting and the melody is great.

The middle eight of the song is brilliant. The repetitive shouting would definitely be a crowd pleaser in a live setting. This takes us into a short, yet funky and very well written solo. It doesn’t need to be any longer, it gives you just enough of a sense of tension before the song ends.

One thing I did really like about the musicianship of the song was the discipline. It doesn’t get messy at any point in the song, there’s nobody trying to show off, it’s all very well structured and sounds a lot better for it. A great example of this musicianship is the bass in the song. Throughout the verse, the bassist keeps to the route notes, giving a powerful, coherent sound to this section of the song. During the second half of the verse, however, the bassist adds in some light yet bright fills. It’s ear candy, it gives you some sense of progression in the song without taking your attention away from the tune as a whole.

The production, courtesy of Gavin Monaghan, is great. I like that certain aspects of the song still sound brilliantly raw, it gives the piece a great deal of life.

In my opinion, ‘Eight Till Late’ has a great story, a great vibe and a really original sound. I look forward to hearing the rest of the band’s tunes when they drop, and I know I’ll be keeping an eye on them.