We Review the new single from October Drift – All Broken Down

As dreamy as ever, October Drift evoke their signature sound to present the wallowing of a lonely soul trapped in a quartz-lined cave far beneath the earth. This track has verses which swell and pulsate along the soft and delicate murmurs of their front-man. Animalist drums keep the foot tapping which descend into a gushing hook-fuelled chorus for ALL BROKEN DOWN.

Steve Lamacq and John Kennedy have championed this band, and All Broken Down is a reminder to those who are not already loyal fans that this band are worth veneration. October Drift create an atmosphere so miasmic that they could suffocate a fjord.

Reverb, distortion, chimes, melodies, grooves, beat, its all here. It’s a sonic buffet of all-you can eat Shoegaze inspired fuzz-ballad. It is likely that listeners will feel empathy with not only the words, but with the entire arrangement of instrumentation, each passage will make the hairs of your arms and back stand on edge.

Although not as chaotic or inspirational as previous releases, All Broken Down shows a fast-growing maturity founded in excellent musicianship, indicative of a group who are excelling in their creative song-writing. I can only be hopeful and excited for the future of October Drift.