We Review the new single from October Drift – Come and find me

October Drift’s new single ‘Come and Find Me’ is just the latest weapon in the band’s arsenal of feral, high-octane tracks. Filled with moments of tension and bursts of pure energy and noise, this band prove time and time again that they know exactly how to get you on your feet.

Come and Find Me’ is characterised by its unsettling guitar tones, which are at their most potent in the verses, perfectly complimenting the brooding vocals to build up a dingy atmosphere. With each chorus the track gains another level of power, culminating in a booming crescendo that cuts off abruptly, presumably because the song has caused a powercut or pissed off the neighbours a bit too much.

The lyrics are pretty much given a back seat on ‘Come and Find Me’, and that’s not a problem at all as it’s the delivery of the vocals that are more important to making the song so evocative, as well as the instrumentation of course. If you can divert your attention from dodging limbs in the moshpit for a second though, there’s a decently catchy chorus and some clever lines to wrap your ears around.

‘Come and Find Me’ is the sound of October Drift marching on, and it seems like nothing can stop them at the moment. Get on the gravy train now, because one day you’ll be wanting to tell all your mates that you were listening this band before they made it big.