Review : Puppet Theory – Mascara

Puppet Theory’s newest single ‘Mascara’ continues their brand of energetic and melodic indie pop to great effect. It’s well-rounded and solid in pretty much every aspect, and possesses a hook that you just can’t help stretching your voice to sing. This is one to enjoy.

The track’s standout feature is its harmonies, which smack you right around the chops at the very start of the song to make sure you’re awake for it. They cover the entire range and pump even more power into an already electric sound. They’re perfectly balanced as well, with the lead vocals (which are fantastic by the way) never getting lost in the mix.

The instrumentation of ‘Mascara’ is understated compared to the vocals, but it’s equally as impressive in its own way. The track goes through a lot of distinct phases and changes of pace that are knitted together wonderfully by a tidy selection of riffs and some purposeful drumming.

The style that Puppet Theory bring to the table makes for very exciting listening; it just pumps you up. Honestly, give this a spin rather than sinking four cans of Red Bull to get you through your night shift.

These lads have got bags of talent, and if they can translate songs as accomplished and layered as ‘Mascara’ onto the stage, they’ll be one hell of a live act too.