Review : Red Rum Club – ‘Honey’

6 Scousers playing Americana drizzled in upbeat Alt-Rock is a sentence I never thought would lure me in, but Red Rum Club’s new single Honey is a genuinely brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable journey into their world. You MUST see them.

When an up-and-coming band sells out Liverpool’s 02 Academy, something’s going on there that I want to know about. Who did they bribe? Whose Mum bought all the tickets? Who are they? THEY are Red Rum Club, and no, no bribes, no sweet-talking 02 into bed with them, no nothing. Just a Liverpool band showing that they are THE band to watch triumphantly explode out of a city that has already gifted us so much in the world of music. ‘Honey’, the bands new single, could just be the what tips them over the edge and into your eardrums for years to come.


From the moment the trumpet squeals into life, you immediately understand that Red Rum Club’s sound is uniquely enticing. As I sit here, listening and re-listening, desperately trying to find some point of comparison to go from, I’m left somewhat stumped. I can’t begin to think of a band who are doing things this way, who spans genres so effortlessly, never neglecting their self-imposed duty to fill a dance floor and have everyone leave better off for having been there. I’m sold. A belter of a chorus that fills the room, as gang vocals sit with ease behind the lead, gently supported by a tight and energetic rhythm section, a delicate and subtle 6-string, and that goddamn trumpet that’s just so uplifting. 2-and-a-half-minutes of that is all you get…but it’s a great way to spend 2-and-a-half-minutes, mind.

I should now, however, make it very clear that I have been lucky enough to see Red Rum Club live twice in the past 12 months or so; firstly, up in Leeds at their most recent headline show in the city, and secondly, on a very cold rainy weekend in Derbyshire for this year’s Y Not Festival. You may then think that I could be biased in writing this piece, spinning previous positive experiences with the band into a dishonest review that doesn’t accurately tell the tale of ‘Honey’. You’d be wrong.

Knowing the band live and on record before this new track fell neatly into my inbox has made me more determined to be critical, to zoom in as far as I can, and to tackle ‘Honey’ head on. But, in all honesty, this is just another example of Red Rum Club being at their brilliant best. Maybe make a longer song next time round, gents? Give the people what they want! Having said that, I’ve just bought myself a ticket to their Leeds date on the back of this track, and if a band can make me do that off a new single release, then there’s a very good chance they’d be able to make you buy one too!