Review : Redfaces – Way Down

They’ve only gone and done it again. RedFaces have returned with their second single this year ‘Way Down’, and it’s yet another huge tune. The band’s songwriting takes more of a melancholy direction, but as we’ve come to expect there’s some incredibly catchy lyrics and a chorus you can belt out to your heart’s content.

Way Down’ tells a tale of feeling lost in yourself and tired of the hidden agendas of people around you, a noticeably heavier topic than their previous offerings have touched on, but don’t let that take anything away from your enjoyment of the song. This is one to roar out in defiance. Nasty ex? Horrible boss?Fairweather friends? This track is the outlet you need.


You can tell that these guys are professional beyond their years with how well-balanced and measured ‘Way Down’ is. The music is almost kept to a minimum in the verses; an easy-going drum pattern, subdued guitar riff and low atmospheric synths provide the platform for one of Harry Lyon’s best vocal performances yet. A lot of the time the quality of the singing is put on the backburner in guitar bands, but Lyon really captures the raw emotion of the lyrics; you get the feeling that this is someone at the end of their tether.

The song then inevitably explodes into an anthemic chorus, with the synths providing the noise and the driving force whilst the guitar hangs back and creates a dancey groove. It was said before but it’s worth saying again, you just can’t get these words out of your head. As if you didn’t know already, RedFaces’ songwriting talents are one of the many reasons they’re going to be big news in the not too distant future.

Way Down’ represents the band’s fifth single, and their progression since 2016’s swaggering ‘Kerosene’ has been clear to see, showing off a shiny new element to their talents with every track. From indie banger ‘Wise Up’, to the driving bass of ‘Take It Or Leave It’ and The Vaccines-esque ‘Messed Up Feeling’ from earlier this year, which we can now see as the start of a more emotive and sensitive style of songwritingthat has now been fully realised on ‘Way Down’. They’ve shown pretty much everything in their locker to suggest they’re going to keep on gaining admirers.

RedFaces are up there on the crest of a wave of exciting new bands coming out of Sheffield, South Yorkshire and God’s Own Country as a whole. Is this New New Yorkshire? Or did New Yorkshire never go away? I haven’t got a clue; all I know is that it sounds bloody fantastic.