Review : Sadly Dan – Savage

Upon pressing play I was worried this was going to be another Slaves-style piece of punk music that has been popularised throughout Britain the last few years. I was left a lot more intrigued by the end of it. 

With narrative vocals spiced up by angry northern tones, the introduction and verses are guided by a level-headed bass riff. As other instruments are introduced such as guitars, you get the immediate indication that something big and nasty is coming from this build up.

You’re met with a ferocious brass section with trumpets which gave me the feeling I was in a duel in some kind of Spanish thriller movie. Matched nicely with this is a riff heavy guitar line well thought out and has that raw kind of tone that doesn’t mess around. This music means business and by its title name Savage I couldn’t think of a better way to describe it. 

The second instrumental drop which leads to the closure of Savage stands out above the rest of the track and leaves me wanting oh so much more. This three minutes of music could easily be doubled and the heart racing escalation of guitars, trumpets and drums could descend into two or three more climaxes. 

It’s not everyday brass and rock go hand in hand, I welcome it kindly. Music needs more trumpets and saxophones! To say this is a debut single as well you cannot fault the production, and everything is clear and well put together. 

You’ve got to give a lot of respect and credit to the fact that this group only consists of two members. If just two people can put together a nitty gritty punk piece like this imagine if there was double the team effort…but as music has shown time and time again, two is a magic number.

Loud. In your face. Savage.