Review : SHEAFS – Shock Machine is a shocker.

SHEAFS are a prime example of what I mean, when I wish that Sheffield’s bands would just be a little bit different. A bit themselves. Our dear readers seem to revolt in anger whenever I say that an indie band is just a bland unoriginal rip-off of the Arctic Monkeys or are pure Oasis worship. But its true. Other bands are. SHEAFS are not. I’ve been accused of hating this genre, yet I love this tune? Whatever you say, mate.

Despite their influences being worn as a bright high-vis vest, SHEAFS are still overwhelmingly fresh. Their take on indie-rock is ferocious and exciting. They create great party tunes with seeming ease, and SHOCK MACHINE is a continuation of this. SHEAFS are a master-class in sticking to the genre you love, and yet showing how to be original, without the need to sound exactly like ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’. Newbies take notes. This track is bombastic, it’s colourful, it has a sexy groove and some outstanding production.

You don’t need intricate guitars, whacked out experimental bass-lines, you just need to have something.  You don’t need to write like Tennyson or have the lyrical dexterity of Morrissey, you just need to not be fucking boring and painfully derivative. I apologize to SHEAFS for using them to vent, but they really do show off the potential and power of the “Sheffield” sound.

Eyes out for these boys. If they’re not a festival favourite and selling millions of copies, then, I’ll be disappointed.

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