Review : Sheafs ‘This Is Not a Protest’

A band as stylish as they are good, with rising momentum and a fan base that is swelling across the country due to a successful series of releases and festival appearances, SHEAFS harness their raw Rock n Roll hides to serve a platter of delicious confectionary.

The basslines in this track hold the groove, providing a continuous thunder to the anarchy that SHEAFS bring. Henceforth, the crashing of the cymbals envelops the melodies of the sweet honey-layered guitars, the result of this being an orchestra of youthful rebellion.
In a talk with Gigwise SHEAFS frontman describes their new single, THIS IS NOT A PROTEST

“It’s a tongue-in-cheek reflection of the present that has been written to capture the frustration of deficiency in rock ‘n’ roll icons, the music and the scene.”

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Sure thing bro. This animated barrage of crowd-propelled choruses (which is definitely a protest) reflects a Sheffield band who are very much in touch with their influences and do not shy away from their indie roots. This 5-piece can offer something refreshing that I can’t quite put my thumb in, a reprieve from those merely copying their influencers. SHEAFS are aiming to improve on this formula. They are adding their own ingredient to the recipe, rather than being the knock-off pound land crisps: AM flavour.

SHEAFS are an idyllic symphony of testosterone-driven noise. The track is abrasive, but it gets you pumped. It’s jarring, but you yearn to slide further down the sword.

The dudes should be proud that they have yet another release to add to a booming back catalogue of tunes that any level-headed being should appreciate. The subtlety, simplicity, energy, and length of which allows the bands intentions to seep into the psyche of the listener.