Review : TAMSYN – Dirt

Manchester-based indie rockers TAMSYN are back on the scene with their new single ‘Dirt’. This is the third musical release from the band since they were slaving away after their self-titled debut EP which was released back in 2016.

The song starts with a simplistic introduction from the lead guitarist. Although it only uses a handful of notes, it works well and allows the rest of the song to flow nicely. After the other band members kick in, the song sounds complete. All the instruments complement each other and it seems that no one is trying to steal the spotlight of the band. The drums,combined with a bass line consisting of root notes, provide a comfortable fit for the otherwise repetitive guitar riff.

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Lyrically, the song isn’t great. It’s good – but there is room to improve. The lyrics are well-written and a lot better than some I’ve listened to, but there’s no real excitement in them – you can’t feel the flair. Lyrics need to come from the heart and you should be able to feel the passion of the singer within the song, but I just do not get that with this band.

Whether it’s spending more time on lyric writing or working to make the lead guitar riff more of a complex and impressive piece of work – a tweak must happen before this band will become the best they can be.