We Review the new single from The Covasettes – Top Drawer

Manchester-based Indie band ‘The Covasettes’ are back with their third single entitled ‘Top Drawer’. The band, who play the Fringe at Tramlines festival twice for RGM later this summer, have slightly changed their tune from the previous two songs. They say they’ve swapped their rockier sound for a more vibrant, summery sound – unfortunately, though, it seems like they’ve sold out.

I have listened to their previous tracks and the band has a clear identity. You can feel the personality through the band even if at times it is ‘stereotypically indie’. However, with this new track, it’s almost as if they’ve given up. Don’t get me wrong, the track is still listenable – but compared to their earlier work it just doesn’t cut it. With the music industry full of these indie bands, surely you should want to make a stance. To bring something new to the table and change the game up. It feels like The Covasettes have taken two steps back here.It’s hard for me to describe this song as anything other than stereotypical indie music.

If you feel I’m being slightly harsh here, I’m not. If this was an average band and they had produced this tune I would clap my hands and say congratulations on making a half decent song. But I know this band can do more. That’s why it frustrates me.

I’m all for bands changing their sound and experimenting, but for Christ sake do something with a bit more edge to it. Experiment with more rockier sounds rather than trying to identify with the mainstream – which it feels like these guys are doing.

Don’t get me wrong, if you enjoy the music you make then don’t let me discourage you from that. But I feel the band knows as well as I do that this isn’t the music of their heart. The moment the band realises that and changes their style for the better – the band will only improve.