We Review the new single from The Covasettes – Wild

The Covasettes’ newest single ‘Wild’ is a little step up from their previous release ‘Top Drawer’, but whilst being likeable enough and playing to the bands strengths, it feels too comfortable. They’ve got a decent thing going here, but it needs something bold to really take it up to the next level.

The Manchester four-piece bring everything you’d expect to hear if you’ve come across their previous work; cheerful and summery guitar tones, poppy melodies and frontman Chris Buxton’s exceptional vocals, which sound as quality as ever on ‘Wild’.

Wild’ has a solid hook coupled up with a delicate yet strong lead guitar riff; a bit of an ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ kind of situation. It’s a pleasant enough listen and certainly a great mood booster; it’s hard to be grumpy when this kind of glittery tune is in your ear, but I’m going to try…

The Covasettes’ sound is very sweet indeed, and sometimes it gets a bit sickly. ‘Wild’ is perfect to hear once on a playlist at a barbecue, but any more than that and it can start to get a little irritating. The remedy to that is some more attitude and punch in their music, which we know they can provide from last year’s tune ‘This Feeling’. It’s a little thing, but it would give the band a more lasting appeal.

Wild’ shows that The Covasettes are continuing to move in the right direction. They’re a young band with plenty of room to blossom and find their niche, and that doesn’t come easy. ‘Wild’, and their sound in general, it’s a great launchpad for bigger and better things.