Review : The Empire Police – By The Scenes

Preston locals ‘The Empire Police‘ look to take the next step in their development with new single ‘By The Scenes’.

However, By The Scenes ultimately falls victim of being a rather By The Numbers fare. The track is not bad by any means but it does not really demonstrate much ambition from a band that are no doubt trying to put their name on the map.

Inexperienced bands can often overload their sound with reverb and other bells and whistles. However, By The Scenes feels rather sparse, lacking that certain something to make it really stick in your memory. What there is is good but I was just left wanting more. This lack of complexity ultimately cripples the track as it peters out before it really goes anywhere. It’s a shame more than anything as I feel The Empire Police have plenty more to bring to the table; its just a case of them finding their niche in a crowded scene.

I do not want to write off The Empire Police as I feel that they are a band that will only improve once they get a better grasp of their identity.