Review : The Empire Police – Modern Obsession

The Empire Police have followed up on last year’s self-titled EP with a new offering in ‘Modern Obsession’, and for the most part it’s a marked improvement for the Preston band. ‘Modern Obsession’ shows maturity across the board and polishes up some of the raw talent shown off in the band’s earlier material.

The six-track EP sounds fantastic in both its production and recording, and its musical content. The band’s best qualities are highlighted perfectly, in particular their knack for a brilliant harmony; as well as plenty of creative and dynamic guitar riffs.

Lyrically, The Empire Police show signs of progression too, keeping their winding, wordy style of songwriting but leaving behind the themes of growing up in a gritty small town that characterised their last set of songs. They know how to write a very  catchy hook too, which is best proved on ‘Fine Lines’, a pulsating banger of a song that was made to make you lose your voice after screaming the chorus enough times.

Although it could be argued that they’re at their best when they’re going at 100mph, the title track of the EP shows that the band can do the easy-going stuff pretty handily as well, whilst still retaining the ability to get you right in the ears with some towering vocals.

Modern Obsession’ is the perfect step up for The Empire Police, and it appears that they’re only going to keep climbing.