Review : The Garage Flowers – Crashing The Party

I feel that London outfit ‘The Garage Flowers‘ are more difficult to judge than most. I say this on the basis that in past, bands like them have either quickly rose to the top, or got lost in the shuffle of up-and-coming guitar bands. That being said their new single, ‘Crashing The Party’, shows great promise from a band that have only been tearing it up in the capital for a year.

Produced by The Horrors’ own mixing guy Paul Tipler, the track itself is not particularly innovative or groundbreaking but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Crashing The Party is almost undoubtedly a track that is meant to be heard live after you’ve had a few.

I imagine that the lads have started more than their fair share of mosh pits with this one. This does leave the recorded version lacking that bit of punch however, and I feel like it could have done with a bit more work at the mixing desk. This is only a minor criticism as I feel more than anything, that it affirms the group’s strength as a live act.

It looks like The Garage Flowers are going to carry on making a name for themselves down in London for the time being. However, when they do decide to venture outwards, I think they’ll definitely be one you need to get down and see for yourself.