Review : The Kicklips – TV Girl

The Kicklips have been kicking about making fun, fast and free-flowing tunes for a little while now, and that trend continues with their latest single ‘TV Girl’. Their signature sound and this wonderful weather we’ve been having fit together like a dream, and there’s no doubt they’re going to be the soundtrack for many summers to come in Sheffield and beyond.

The Steel City three-piece meld together the sounds of the mid-sixties and the mid-noughties to great effect, and this track once again shows off the band’s personality and useful ability to write a proper catchy hook. You can’t help but be filled with a youthful rush when you listen to these lads, no matter how far the wrong side of 30 you are.

TV Girl’ is another number by the band that taps into that old reliable theme of teenage romance, and in this case singer Beck Shillito finds himself infatuated with…you guessed it…a girl on the TV, making him paranoid about his real-life lass finding out.

As usual, The Kicklips play at a relentless pace that instantly makes you want to jump around, even though you know how knackered you’ll be in three minutes time. In an unexpected twist, there’s a little breakdown towards the end of the track to let you catch your breath before an energetic finish.

As expected with any young band though, ‘TV Girl’ isn’t without its faults. The track is almost twice as long as most of their previous efforts, and to be honest it doesn’t need to be. The repetition of the chorus means it does sit firmly on the line between catchy and irritating, especially with Shillito’snasal singing style.

It’s been a year since RGM last reviewed this lot, and if this latest song is anything to go by, their name will be even more familiar to the masses by this time in 2019, at least in this fair city of ours. Grab some cans, head down the park and stick The Kicklips on. You’ll feel happy, I promise.