Review : TYNI – Good Luck

Sheffield pop diva TYNI’s latest single ‘Good Luck’ is one of her most danceable and well-written songs yet, but it’s also her most formulaic. It’s a track that would be at home in any club in the land.

Good Luck’ is a defiant break-up anthem, all about having your mates there for you when love goes downhill. The lyrics as a whole are solid, with tightly-written verses that have a pretty effortless flow and a straightforward, catchy chorus. It’s instantly relatable and it gets you moving, exactly what a pop song is meant to do.

On the other hand though, functionality only gets you so far. In truth, TYNI isn’t bringing anything on this track that you wouldn’t have already heard on most songs in the charts over the past couple of years.

The house-style bass and synth lines, as well as the general format of ‘Good Luck’ just feel far too familiar, and whilst the lyrics are memorable, the vocal effects on the chorus are a bit overbearing and mask the quality of her singing.

TYNI has shown before (see ‘Late Spring’ and ‘Fighter’) that she can push the boundaries of pop and be adventurous, so it’s a little disappointing to see her lapse on her originality in this way. ‘Good Luck’ serves its purpose well, but we know TYNI can do better than she’s shown here.