RGM Arts and Culture – Tucker Creative Studios

I think it’s a shared belief that music is art, right? An auditory art; unrelated to the other senses. But what about everything that comes with it? Music, to a lot of people, isn’t just something that we hear, but an experience that we can visualise and feel. And Tucker Creative Studios is where this happens in real life. This is a visual communication and design agency. I like that; not only does Tucker provide an outstanding service to bands and brands, but he delivers to an extent that he feels he communicates with his art – something that a lot of design companies look past, or forget; “I’ve never given a fuck about the money,” he says. The idea that visuals go hand in hand with music is something many musicians forget, too – but Tucker is here to help.

With a website HERE that is immensely professional and instantly engaging, he offers a plethora of services, ranging from music artwork, motion graphics, music videos and photography – and has a huge catalogue of works to prove. I asked Tucker of his influences and I wasn’t surprised as to what answer he gave; “The main thing is music, but also just the love of making shit.” Sheer love of his art is what pushes Tucker forward, and being 100% proud of the art he releases. He improves every day, learns new styles, and drives himself to become better at something that he is already proved to be outstanding in.

My favourite works are his concept pieces, which are all available to print and buy. There’s an air of rebellion and civil disobedience that forces the viewer to really concentrate on what the main message is behind the art. What does it mean? Why? He subconsciously poses these questions to his audiences, prompting us to be invested in what we are seeing, and relate it to what we see everyday on the news, around the world. When you see his art, it hits you in the face; it’s meant to. This is the sole reason why Tucker’s concept arts are profound and authentic, he draws on influences such as Peter Saville and in depth visual research. He absolutely, undoubtedly puts all the work in to achieve none other than the best there is to offer.

Im excited to see where Tucker is headed. He recently announced a new collaboration with Shaun Peckham, creating affordable and extremely high quality music videos for the UK’s best unsigned acts. I expect Tucker Creative Studios will keep expanding when new projects find their way to him – and, believe me when I say, they’re coming at him heavy and fast. Will we be seeing his works on award winning albums? I have no doubt. But, for now, Tucker is set on keeping his work authentic and real. And I, for one, will definitely be sticking around to watch.