RGM EXCLUSIVE: Sadly Dan issue formal response to Christian Carlisle’s charity wrestling match challenge.

“Over the course of December 2019, radio DJ Christian Carlisle and his sidekick Adam Winch-Furness launched their annual Top 50 Tracks Of The Year on their weekly Saturday night BBC Introducing show on BBC Radio Sheffield. However, against our knowledge, the duo made the malicious and conscious decision to exclude our track ‘Ere Gilly Lend Us Some Baccy’ instead opting to include the likes of Sophie and the Giants, Self Esteem and Cora Pearl in what can only be described as a Buckfast-fuelled hate campaign against our humble local band, Sadly Dan.

We’ve tried to ignore their attacks to the best of our ability, instead choosing to spend our time continuing what we’re good at by avoiding practice and showering as little as possible. This was until out of nowhere, completely unprovoked, came this series of social media statements from the DJ in question.

We do accept that we might have uploaded the occasional throw-away Facebook status stating our dissatisfaction at not being included in the Top 50 Tracks but I’m sure everybody would agree that these were in no way offensive to Christian Carlisle or any of his team, we merely called him a Tory and said good morning to everybody but BBC Introducing Sheffield.

However, as Christian Carlisle has now made it very clear that he intends to drag this feud out as long as he possibly can, having not let it drop for nearly a week now, we issue this response. We accept your challenge of a charity wrestling match or any other form of Sadly Dan vs BBC Introducing competition you put in front of us. You name the time, the place and the conditions, we will be there drunk and in spandex. We look forward to hearing your response.

Sadly Dan.”