RGM Interview – Cold Water Swimmers

Hiya folks thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

Your debut album Holiday at the Secret Lake is about to be released can you tell us more and how it got its title?

I wish I could say it’s called Holiday at the Secret Lake because of some grand creative idea or concept we had but alas no, it’s not. Originally the album was going to be an eponymous one, much like many of our favourite debut albums, we wanted to be part of that debut eponymous tradition but in the end I thought that was way too boring and didn’t say enough about us and who we are, which is as big a part of the whole deal as the music tbh. The title revealed itself. The secret lake is near my house in Levenshulme, Manchester and I spent time there throughout the early days of lockdown, last year, on my daily exercise jaunts. When you first stumble across it you’ll be surprised, from a certain vantage you could be in the leafy Cheshire countryside but you’re not it’s by the tip in Gorton. It shouldn’t really exist but it does and it’s quite glorious and perfect that it does, much like Cold Water Swimmers, who on paper shouldn’t exist and absolutely shouldn’t be as good as we are, but we do and we are! Once I decided to get our album photographs shot with Paul Husband at the lake and he said we should make it look like a crap holiday brochure cover and when I saw the photos I came up with the title, it’s perfect and made sense on so many levels. 

Essentially it’s a snap shot of our first three years together as a band and has the first 3 singles from the band; Summer Breeze, Burn Your Idols and Replaced by Robots remixed and added to newer ones recorded in lockdown breaks throughout 2020. All recorded and co-produced with Simon Ding Archer at 6DB Studios in Salford sporadically. 

Is there a favourite song on the album and why?

That’s a tough one and it changes. When you live and breathe them you can fall in and out of love if I was pushed I’d say Everything We’ve Ever Had (We’ve Had to Fight For) I started writing it in 2017 just after Grenfell and continued to write it with the squatters in Hulme hippodrome who put on (illegal) gigs and jam-sessions towards the back end of that year and it was the first song I took to Selina and Carrie when we got together for the first time in January 2018. The song is a reminder that everything we have as working people was hard one by generations before us and should be cherished and held on to with the same passion as they were won with. Plus it has a cracking psych outro chorus bit which I love and it sounds huge live!

What do you think makes this album and you as a band stand out from the crowd?

We’re unique there is no other band like us. The obvious thing will be our male, female, female line up I guess that’s a bit far from the norm’ but most things we do and are, are far from the norm. As a band we have 9 children between us 2 of the band are working single mothers, that’s not typical is it. Selina our drummer was very sadly widowed 6 months before joining the band and left to bring up 3 boys on her own, think about that… despite everything life has thrown at us, we’re here and we’re doing great stuff. Catch us live and you’ll be amazed how we manage to stir up such a storm being just a 3 piece, but we do. I think the album will stand out, if it gets the chance to, because it’s good, it’s simple, it’s honest, the songs are good, you can hear the words and each instrument, it’s not indie landfill, it’s post punk acoustic psych folk skiffle, all of that, it’s a unique sound to us and us only….  plus it has a great cover! 

What’s your favourite song on the album to play live and why?

I’d say from the album it’s got to be Falling Apart, it’s just a massive Stooges style riff that when we’re all on it fills the space with all the right vibes and energy, we also do a song called “I Love You I Hate You” at the end of the set where Carrie and Selina swap instruments midway through the song which is a bluesy Black Keys White Stripes kind of romp, that usually get the applause and cheers, but you know we love playing them all live so again this selection may change .. lol !

How much are you looking forward to playing Live?

Not sure I can find those words. Let’s just say, very very much, and our first live show is at Night and Day on July 9th .. get a ticket we will be incredible. We don’t get the opportunities a band as good as us should get from promoters and industry types because to them (and I’ve had this feedback) we’re difficult to place in a pigeon hole and market, we’re either too old or our faces don’t fit shit like that but when we do play we always deliver. There isn’t a live band as good as us on the Manchester scene, if any one reading this thinks that’s an idle boast get to a gig and see for yourself. 

What’s your Favourite song from another bad on the Manchester scene right now 

I’m digging; This City is Burning Alive by Afflecks Palace, How Do You Sleep at Night by Tinfoils, Second Time The Goa Express, Excellent Public Speaker by The Battery Farm .. seriously good shit happening in Manchester right now … many more dive in the water is perfect!

What support is there for new artists in Manchester right now?

NONE…. it’s DIY or DIE or it’s about the support we can give each other … Everything we ever had we had to fight for and that’s the truth… and keep an eye out for the sharks and leeches there’s a few of them showing their heads on the scene right now…. 

And Finally if fans could remember you for one thing what would it be?

In dream land it would be how great the songs are and how unique we sound and how the live performances inspired and amazed them but I’ll settle for just being remembered right now.  

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???? Credit – Paul Husband