RGM Introducing – Boxes

Hiya folks thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

Thankyou so much for letting us chat in this virtual sphere,, we keep up to date with RGM so its lovely to speak to you. 

What made you decide to start the band / become a soloist?

David: I’d been in bands since my university days, so as soon as i moved to Manchester i was on the hunt to get out and gig. I;ve never been too confident with just a guitar so having a group of my best pals around me on stage was always the way to go for me! I met Josh at an open mic and the rest fell into place

Introduce us all to the members and your musical history?

Josh: I’m Josh, i met David at Revs open mic on Deansgate (which was being run by one of our favourite acts in Manchester Dave Gorman) and we hit it off over a few beers – i’d been playing guitar for a few years whilst studying across the UK and The States studying sound engineering when i was out in Boston. 

David: Like i said before, i’ve always been around music from a young age, my mum was a local singer and says i could sing before i could talk! – I won a few local competitions as a kid and then started guitar when I went to uni as I couldn’t get away with just singing into a mic. 

Tom: I’ve been playing since I was young, but never really entertained the idea of being in a band, just messing around with it in my room (the bass that is). David actually suggested I joined up with his brother in law’s band (I was in Ulverston at the time, where me and David grew up) and i enjoyed the band vibe after a few gigs – when i moved to Manchester David was looking for a new bassist so i took up the opportunity to join. 

James: Hi, I’m James – but the rest of the guys call me Manchester’s drummer as I drum for a few bands in town! I never knew David at Uni but we both studied at Lancaster Uni. (I think me and Dave missed each other by a year at Uni – i’m the young one in the band haha) I;ve been playing drums since a young age and was in a few bands at Uni before moving to Manchester. I met Dave through Join My Band and since we both went to the same Uni hit it off. 

It’s been a bit of a wild last year, how have you guys managed to pass time and stay sane during lockdown?

Josh: A lot of drink and football really,  but in honesty we’ve been working hard on the single which we’ve just realised. It’s been a bit of a labour of love but it feels good to get it out to the world now! 

David: Yeah, there was a strange point where the three of us (Me, Josh and Tom – who live together in the Northern Quarter of Manchester) started running that couch to 5K – none of us had ever ran in our lifes and here we were every lunch time running like a group of muppets down Oldham road, none of us speaking to each other, all of us trying to catch our breaths after reaching the end of the road. 

Tom: yeah, that was bizarre. Completed it, not run one since 

How positive are you feeling now we are in 2021?

David: Very, now the single which is out has got great feedback. We’re a little different from your usual Manchester or Northern Band. We play country rock, combining the Nashville feel with the Northern grit of growing up in the North West. We’re hoping it gets as far as it can we’ve already had radio play on Chris Country and Country Hits UK which are the two biggest country stations in the UK and had a nice message from Ben from The Shires saying how he liked the track – we’re hoping to use the track to get onto some top country festival lineups in 2022. But we’ll see how it goes! 

How has 2020  effected your mental health?

Josh: Its had its ups and downs, but i’d consider our living condition to be quite lucky. Me, Dave and Tom live together (with Zoe, David’s girlfriend) and it works really well. When you’re feeling down you always have a friendly face to have a chat too – its strange as we’re not only band members and friends now but work colleges! Haha, we still have to work the 9-5 but who knows what will happen in the future? … maybe we’ll all be sacked after spending too  much time on the band..

How are you feeling now the road map has been announced and live gig can return?

Tom: Better, it gives us the chance to prepare and forces us to practice for our upcoming gigs. It’ll also be a great opportunity to get out and watch all the amazing acts we’ve discovered through live streams and the like. 

What advise would you give other artists starting out?

David: Just do what is fun to you, if people don’t like it screw em you’re not doing it for them, you’re doing it for you and if it stops being fun, don’t force it – lifes too short and all that. 

Do you sign up too any conspiracy theory? 

David: All of them, apart from the flat earth one.  Nah but seriously, are Aliens even a conspiracy now? Pentagon has released a shit load of infomation on them – i’ve watched them all, Jeremy Corbell, Bib Lazar,  every Joe Rogan where some wack job is on, David Icke i bloody love thinking about them but won’t let them drive me to insanity. I’m actually in a nice Instagram conversation with Hareth Houston where we just post any mention of a UFO to each other and chat about it – pair of losers, the both of us.

Josh: and Epsien, pedo guy. Didn’t kill himself did he. Come on.. 

What’s your favourite song right now from another band currently on the Manchester circuit?

Josh: I really like that Toria Woof song ‘Darko’ then there’s our boiz Fordaze and Jack Hyphen who are constantly releasing great tunes (we have to mention for friendship points). 

David: Been following The Lottery Winners alot, loved their new tune Start Again and they never fail to make us laugh with their social media output. Seem like a good bunch. 

What support is out there for new artists in Manchester ?

Tom: Lots, but the biggest is the open mic scene, get out and make some friends for life. Even if you just go down for a pint, get talking to people. Musicians love when people talk to them about their music you’ll learn a lot.

David: That true, the talent on the scene is incredible, open mics run by the likes of Joe McAdam and Izzie Walsh, Bread Records and some other great ones too like the Old Pint Pot really set the bar high! I remember my first time playing the Whiskey Jar and thought I did well, but then some guy coming on after me and blowing everyone away – It’s things like that that make you step up and improve your game, i’ve definitely benefited from the quality acts around me. 

Who is inspiring you at the minute on the Manchester unsigned scene?

Josh: I think people are relentless, the talent that works hard is the best and for that you have to look no further than the likes of Joel Gardner, Chris Tavener and the Uke king himself Marc Gallagher – not saying the rest of Manchester is lazy but these guys are non stop. 

David: Manchester has some amazing country/ americana artists too who can’t go with out a mentioned like Izzie Walsh, Chloe Jones, Katie O’Malley, Johnny Oates (think he’s in Liverpool at the mo), James Stephens..the list goes on! 

What useless talent do you have/ party trick? 

David: I can hula hoop pretty well, kind of a natural talent of mine, (my mum said i could hula hoop before i could talk lolol, call back)- could just kind of do it once at predrinks. Don’t even need to practice, just pass us one and i’ll hoop for days. 

Josh: Losing my phone on nights out 

Tom: Screaming at the top of my voice when playing games

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

Josh: We had a gig in Castle after England played in the last World Cup and at the end we banged out Three Lions on a shirt and it is hands down the best response to any of our music. 

What was the worst experience on stage?

Tom: We played some HSBC gig at Castlefield bowl, which sounds amazing, but they didn’t have a PA so we were just kind of playing out of some amps was pretty awkwards playing on such a big stage with so little power. 

Josh: Then there was that time in the rain in levenshulme, where the marquee collected water and just fell apart. All funny memories looking back though!

Tell us something about each member that you think people would be surprised about? 

David: I use to ride motorbikes as a kid

Josh: I’m single; I know right? 

Tom: Allergic to nuts. 

James: Once had a season ticket for Wigan FC. In our glory days

Tell us about a time when you had a proper reyt laugh while you were all together?

Josh: Every bloody day, but at any practice its just nonestop fun. We have a good time going round to James and playing that Jackbox game, was in tears last time we played

Whats your favourite song to play live and why?

Josh: I’d say Let Me In, its a reyt anthem. 

David: Its funny, as we think Fighter is our ‘meh’ song, but after we play people always ask us if they can listen to that one anywhere. It’s not even the next one we have lined up to come out. 

I hear you have a new single brewing, what can you tell us about it?

David: Everything! Its out right now haha! (i think we could cut this out as i talked about it earlier)

How was the recording process given the various restrictions the UK has been under of late?

Tom: It was tough, we had to delay a lot of times and could only get into the studio weeks apart due to other artists all doing the same thing as us

What are your plans for the year ahead 

Josh: Gig gig gig, find happiness, gig gig gig

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

David: I feel like we’re holding a secret now and you know it – but no, we’re super open on Twitter so if you follow us there you’ll know anything about us straight away we can’t keep our gobs shut. 

Thanks for joining us today folks, all the best and keep in touch.