RGM Introducing – Civic Green

Hiya folks thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

So tell me a little bit about you and what you like doing for fun?

I’m 25 and a production engineer by trade. Leeds fan, which has only recently stopped being painful. a massive cricket fan, too. Love my clothes and that as well, I’ve been collecting trainers and stone island jackets for years now. Pre corona I was always up for a kick about, but then that went to shit with my fitness to boot.

Whats one question you’re sick of being asked when interviewed?

Not a question as such, but when I’m asked where I’m from and they reply with the old ‘BARNSLEHHHH’ thing, fucking does my head in. (I do sound like sam dingle on the radio though to be fair to ’em)

What made you decide to start a band / become an artist?

I’ve always been into my music and that, I think going to the football and having the tunes on in the boozer is what really first got me into music, then I watched ‘Live Forever’ and thought “fuck me, that’s what I wanna do” so Dan lent me a guitar and it went from there really. 

Introduce us all to the members?

Me (Andy) on bass and backing vocals Dan on guitar and vocals, Matty on lead guitar, Gav on drums.

Which one is the biggest pain in the arse? (Lateness, forgets stuff etc.)

I think that’s a tight one between me and dan, both late to everything and both forgetful as fuck. (we do try though)

What is the unsigned scene in Barnsley like at the minute?

Decent to be fair, better than most places. there’s a few good gig nights every week in town (or was) and always decent support.

What good bands are coming out of Barnsley at the minute? 

Intervene are shit hot, saw them at Leadmill last year and they were fucking mint. Light Tide are up there too, dunno if they count as Barnsley or Sheff now though, still decent either way though.

What’s your favourite song right now from another band?

Fucking hell, tough one that. I’d probably go with ‘Addiction’ by The Capollos, it’s a proper tune.

What support is out there for new artists in Barnsley ?

Barnsley Live and One Over The Eight are both reyt good. Barnsley Live has been decent through lockdown with bands doing acoustic sets from their houses and stuff and live streaming them to Facebook.

How easy or difficult do you find picking up new fans to come to your gigs? (Before the virus)

Continuity was always our downfall, we’ve had more members than Fleetwood Mac so we struggled to get momentum. Now we’ve got a tight-knit set of lads we’re sound though, once people have seen us once they tend to come and watch us again and again which is nice.

Who is inspiring you at the minute?

On a musical level, we have loads of different influences as we all listen to some different kinds of stuff, for me personally, I’m listening to a lot of Vietnam era protest music at the minute, I think that’s inspiring me a fair bit with all the shit and unrest that’s going on.

What useless talent do you have/ party trick? 

If I’m honest I don’t really have a party trick as such, if I’m at a party there’s no chance I’m in a fit state to be performing tricks anyway.  

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

I’d either say Leadmill, cos it was just a fucking mint gig; or the time we played in the leopard in donny and me and dan had been drinking all afternoon before hand, we looked at each other before we went up and realised how fucked we were. ended up loving every second of it though!

What was the worst experience on stage?

Well. I’d probably say that was the time we were playing in a working men’s in Barnsley which was attended by about 4 people including the sound man, and some bloke was scrapping outside and put a chair through the window mid-set. how do you even react to that?

Tell us something about each member that you think people would be surprised about? 

Andy- for me I guess it’s the fact I’m a pretty fucking big nerd, I love anything to do with science, engineering, space, history, politics etc. I just like having my mind blown. the more you know, the more you realise you don’t know, kinda thing.

Danny- I’m the only Barnsley fan in a band that’s from tarn. 

Gav and Matty didn’t answer so I’m guessing there’s fuck all surprising about them.

Best drink to have on stage?

Personally I’d go with a pint, preferably Moretti.

Who is the biggest named band you have played with?

Probably The America’s, I think. or Noasis.We were supposed to be supporting Hurricane #1, but the tour ended up being rescheduled a few times and then cancelled altogether, just our luck eh?

Tell us a funny story from backstage?

I’ll go with the one at our second ever gig a good few years back, we sounded awful and the place was sold out, it almost ended in Dan being knocked out by a kick boxer for launching a pack of bread cakes from the rider across the venue after way too many beers.

What goes into your favourite sandwich?

Bacon, egg, shit loads of butter and ketchup.

What advice would you give someone going into the music industry?

Don’t listen to chancers and blaggers. take advice from the right people and ignore the bullshitters. also, help anyone who’s willing to put the graft in and help out other people, and fuck the ones who don’t. Last thing we all need at the minute is selfishness and egos innit?

What advise would you give your younger self?

Just go for whatever makes you happy and don’t stop ’til you get there, fuck the rest.

What makes you stand out as a band?

The anthemicism (is that a word?) of the tunes, I think that’s what people need at the moment, innit, something uplifting? 

Tell me about your new single and  how it came about?

The lyrics were written by Dan, in his words “it’s a song I wrote when everything around me was going to shit- family deaths, mental health issues etc… it’s a song about hope, knowing everything will eventually get better and putting your faith/ trust in someone.”  

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

Just keep ’em peeled for our second single coming out in the next few months, it’s a fucking banger!

Thanks for doing us today folks, all the best and keep in touch.