RGM Introducing – Fantastic Mr Marcel

Hiya mate so introduce us all too Fantastic Mr Marcel, how did the band get together?

Well, it started probably 2010, when I really started being serious and pursuing music. I meet a few people on the circuit and it just went from there really. I blessed to be playing with a good bunch of boys who are really talented and love what they do. The band is formed of friends of friends, we really click well so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ahaha .

Which band member is the biggest pain in the arse? And Why? 

None of them, we all get along very well and we communicate well. I think we really enjoy what we do and that’s what makes it fun. its different in rehearsal rooms trying to figure out parts and how to do it on stage but aside from that we all get along very well and have fun on stage. 

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

I think the most fun we had was playing at the 02 Islington. its was a great turnout and I was acting silly on stage as usual, but during the gig, we were messing about with covers to do .. and we kept doing this and the crowd thought we were gonna cover em but we didn’t do any covers in the end. we love joking on stage and getting the crowd excited and I’m normally telling jokes so its all gravy loool.

What was the worst experience on stage?

So I was wanting in the crowd dancing and doing the most while waiting to perform with some friends. I was a bit drunk and I slut dropped and ripped my jeans….right before my performance. it was terrible as well because let’s just say I didn’t have and underwear on. looool, in the end, my mate gave me her tights. it’s felt weird but I wouldn’t be able to jump on stage if I did wear them. I guess it was ok in the end so it wasn’t the worse thing ahahahaha.

 What drives you as a band? 

I would say passion and love. I think as a musician I believe that what’s important is making music that you love and feel and your happy with. I also believe in keeping it fresh, but most importantly it’s about a movement and making and making listeners or the crowd feel something good and leaving them to warn and inspired. I want to make music that heals or inspires to make a change in people and to spread that energy around changing the world. 

Tell us something about each member yourself that you think people would be surprised about? 

We are a new band, we haven’t really had the chance to spend much time together but I would say that the drummer Adam has never drank before in his life. never touch an ounce of liquor. Pete is also a solo singer does great music. 

If you could delete one band/artist from the history of the Universe, who would it be & why? 

Jesus that a hard one hahahaha, you’re kinda asking the wrong guy cut I believe that art is subjective, and what you did as someone else will.  like another, mans trash is another man’s treasure kind of thing hahahaha. ok but for the fun of theses questions it would probably be Jedward. sorry guys looool

If you could go back to the very moment you learnt your instruments /honed your recording knowledge what piece of advice would you give yourself? 

I would say don’t be too hard on yourself, it will come everything takes time but you are exactly where your meant to be. If you do what you’re doing for the right reason and with passion and love hard work and dedication, no amount of energy is lost and it will fall into place. 

Right now, what’s pissing you off the most?

People who get on the train and have no spacial awareness or consideration for others. remember that game we used to play when we were kids and we had to fit the blocks into the shapes and made sure they fit perfectly… adjust yourself and slide in perfectly loooool 

Tell me about your last single Superior animal how it came about?

The song is about my current state of being, I’m easy to love but hard to please hence the title superior. I get bored very easily so I enjoy going out and meeting new people. 

For me, a superior animal is a person whose aura and energy is incredible when you meet them for the first time, so ones whose energy is attractive because of who they and what they seem like upon impact and the essence and everything of what makes them who they are when you meet them. A superior animal is a rare find or someone who has incredible energy but also has substance is cool and has all the moves. 

The song talks about my transformation from night to night to gaining my confidence to also aiming to be my version of a superior animal.  Exponentially it’s about growth strength and change or transformation into one. 

What’s coming up in 2020 for the band?

We have some new music and the listeners will get to vote which one of my two albums I should realise first. I will be returning with some new music after a short pause in making music. Following the success of the mixtape “Stop Calling Me Names”, ill be giving you a more upbeat utopian, aggressive and confident style with a new alter ego called “The Villain!”

I will be pushing is own boundaries with modern and vibrant sounds whilst also giving his listeners a chance to be involved in releasing his new music. 

There are two fresh new albums with two different sounds, titled “Pink Suit” and “Blue Suit”. One is predominantly hip-hop (The Villian) and the other (Fantastic Mr Marcel) will have a Soul Pop vibe.

Listeners will vote on Facebook which out of the two albums they would like to hear, there is a little twist as they won’t know which album is “Pink suit” and “Blue suit” adding to the anticipation. 

One of the feature songs “Tiger in a room” Fantastic Mr Marcel is trying to understand himself and where he fits in due to his wild and chaotic lifestyle. His Chinese zodiac is a tiger and the style of music he adopts is upbeat happy and ready for the party!! This mixture creates a wild and exciting party tune that is sure to catch listeners attention.