RGM Introducing – Jamie Ainslie

Hiya Jamie thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

Hi! Thanks for having me!

What made you decide to become an artist?

It’s just something I’ve always been interested in. I learnt to play the guitar when I was about 10, I started writing my own thing when I was about 15 or 16 and since then it’s just went from there. It’s just a bit of an addictive concept of showcasing stuff you’ve written whether through performing or releasing and hoping it lands.

What have you been doing during lock down?

The words “working” and “existing” come to mind haha! When the first lockdown happened I was in the process finishing a degree so thankfully I had something to focus on. In terms of the music thing, I managed to get into the studio around September time to rerecord some vocals on some songs that had been sat on my laptop for a long while. But yeah, with the exception of the occasional bit of writing and demoing, I’ve just been getting by like most people.

How has it effected your mental health?

It varies. From June until relatively recently I shut myself off from social media to damage control the noise of what’s been going on. It just becomes an exhausting place to be. I remember it reached a point where I was annoying myself and I had nothing to say other than my favourite venues shutting down or remembering when things were normal. So when I deactivated everything and took that out of my life, it helped me massively.

How positive are you feeling now we are in 2021?

We’ll see how we go. There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel but with Lockdown 3 being announced, this might be as hard as it gets but I’m convinced after this lockdown things will get much easier. 

So tell me a little bit about you and what you like doing for fun?

Well I’m from Hartlepool in the North East, I lived in Manchester for a few years to go to BIMM, which is basically a music university, and I crossed over the finish line on that one back in June. I enjoy sport and doing silly challenges, I support Hartlepool United and watch the games where-ever possible.

What is the unsigned scene in Manchester like at the minute?

Well at the moment I would say indoors and online! I’ve been in the North East for the past few months to be with the family while all this is going on so I haven’t been amongst the scene. What I do know is the open spots and things became available again as soon as the restrictions eased a bit back in the summer and they were all well attended. It more or less shows just how important music is to Manchester.

What good Artists are coming out of Manchester at the minute? 

Oh man the list is endless! If anybody is looking for new stuff to listen to…off the top of my head I would recommend Blown Away By Giants, Ash Palmer, Jess Kemp and Luke Royalty. All nice people and very, very good!

Who is inspiring you at the minute?

I think everyone that has kept their own music things going during this time. There’s a few people I know that have been releasing singles and videos throughout the pandemic, which I commend them for, given the circumstances. As I said, I stayed away from the socials for a while but seeing everyone do it encouraged me to get into the studio when the restrictions eased.

If your fans could remember one thing about you what would it be?

Hopefully the songs! Or talking nonsense on the socials. That’s a boring answer isn’t it? Ha!

What goes into your favourite sandwich?

Another boring answer but ham and cheese, specifically the ones from Greggs. Sounds hilariously simple but its effective!

What advice would you give someone going into the music industry?

Engage with those that are really invested in what you do, put the hours in and some opportunities will come your way. I think that’s the general basis of it. Also, be a canny person!

Whats your favourite song to play live and why?

Out of my stuff, my first single “Recover” is always nice to play. I did a couple of live stream things after it was released last year and the response I had back from it seemed positive, it’s always a nice feeling! Out of covers, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” by Green Day. I like playing bit because it’s the same chord sequence as “Wonderwall”, it never gets boring tricking people hahah.

I hear you have a new single brewing, what can you tell us about it?

Yes! I’m releasing 2 singles in one go called “Ready For This” and “Hundred Miles”. They got recorded the same time as “Recover”, both of them needed tweaks to them and then the world changed. So it’s why it has taken this long, so it made sense to release them both in one go.

Both are basically rock tracks and between them they centre around a narrative of a couple being forced apart and the aftermath. “Ready For This” is quite a short song that builds up overtime and it’s quite bouncy, it is really fun to play live! “Hundred Miles” is more of a indie-pop track that I’ve played a lot on my own in Manchester doing the open mic thing. So I’ve had both for a while but the fact I get to showcase them exactly how I’ve wanted them to sound is new and quite exciting, its nice to get them out!

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

I have another release planned this year. It’ll be all guitar riffs and things so I’m excited for it! As of now it’s 99% done, but the new restrictions have meant things have had to stall a little bit in terms of tweaking. Hopefully by the time these songs are out the song will be ready.