RGM Introducing – King King

Hiya lads take a seat, welcome to RGM KING KING.

Which member is the biggest nightmare?

I would have to say that we all have our moments in the “nightmare” department! However, we generally get along like a house on fire and have a non-stop laugh so I can’t complain!

Which member is the biggest hero?

Well… I’m the one wearing the costume!! So…..me!!! Harley our tour manager and front of house guy is the fixer of problems on the road and takes care of the things we don’t want to so the I guess the honour goes to him!

What do you think about how effective social media channels are? Which one do you like best and why?

When it comes to social media… anyone who knows me knows… I’m a dinosaur and I like to wave a metaphorical stick at these things but all social media is essential and very useful nowadays. It’s a great way to promote and build your profile and brand so Facebook, Twitter and Instagram play a large roll in our daily lives now!

People are unaware of just how tough the music industry is to break through, how do you stay motivated?

I realise that nowadays it’s getting increasingly more difficult to breakthrough in this business but I’m not entirely sure that its ever been any different. All I know is this… nothing good comes without hard work and if you’re prepared to work hard then that will count for something eventually but the most important thing to stay motivated for me anyway is to make sure that along with the hard work you find joy in what you do! Love it and keep striving to make great music that you believe in and the rest is out of our hands!

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

I know is sounds like a cop-out but honestly… every time we’re on any stage is fun! Each show brings something else to make you laugh and smile. I think it’s just nights when everyone is relaxed and having a good time… that then spreads to the audience and once you have that then you’re going to have a great time!

Tell us something about each member yourself that you think people would be surprised about? 

That’s a tough one because I wouldn’t like to give away personal info about the lads who I’m closest to and to my knowledge, none of them has any strange or bizarre hobbies for us to laugh at but I’ll give it a go! Johnny… is a marvellous amateur chef and has an unhealthy obsession for checking if he’s turned the oven off… I mean 50 times man….. it drives me nuts!!

Zander, is a very nice, sensitive intelligent and caring person! That has to surprise a lot of people! (Sorry pal) Andrew…. is a drummer with a great personality… who is conscious of others around him.. is able to talk about other things besides drums and has been seen on several occasions… carrying equipment to and from the venues! Musicians out there reading this know exactly what I’m talking about!!!

Whats your biggest achievement as a band?

The biggest thing you can achieve is loving what you do.. and doing it with your best mates! We’ve won several awards over the years and had the privilege of playing in some of the most iconic venues in the world. Royal Albert Hall, Wembley arena etc. All of which were amazing but as long as we have our health and each other and our fans.. then we’ll just keep going and not think about stuff like that.

What makes you stand out as a band?

I think what makes king king stand out as a band is that we give everything to all that we do! We pour our hearts out in every performance and all of us have the same passion for what we do driving us. You won’t last long in this business if you don’t mean what you do and say! For me, it’s about passion and honesty and writing decent songs also helps!!!

Right now, whats pissing you off the most?

A torn cartilage in my right knee! I can’t play 5 a sides at the moment! It’s torture!

I hear you have a new single brewing, what can you tell us about it?

I can’t tell you much at the moment other than it’s a beauty and we are all very proud of it! It has a great freshness to it and is very much “new” music from king king but it’s also instantly recognisable as “King King”!

What’s coming up in 2020 for the band?

What’s coming up in 2020 is a new album, new tours and a whole lot of good times for a king king rejuvenated and hungry for more!