RGM Introducing – Michael Donoghue

Hiya folks thanks for joining us in the virtual RGM lounge today, grab a brew and take a seat.

What made you decide to become an artist?

Road tripping around California in 2017. My girlfriend and I were driving along a long stretch of the desert highway taking it in turns to choose a record to listen to. On came Leftism by Leftfield, and I pretty much decided there and then that I wanted to learn how to make electronic music. 

How much are you looking forward to playing live?

I’m really excited to play live. I’ve never played live in front of an audience before, so the thought of it fills me with a little bit of dread, but I’d love to do it one day. 

Do you sign up to any conspiracy theories? 

I used to sign up to loads of conspiracy theories, however, my passion for them has died down in recent years.But I do still question who/what built the pyramids and how they ended up there. 

What support is out there for new artists in Rotherham / Jersey?

I can’t really say too much about Rotherham (apart from them having the finest football team in South Yorkshire), because I haven’t lived there for 20+ years. There’s quite a lot of support for artists in Jersey and the Channel Islands. There are lots of opportunities for gigging, and local radio really gets behind new and emerging independent artists. 

What useless party tricks /talent do you have/? 

I can roll my stomach. 

Tell us something about you that you think people would be surprised about? 

I always put my left sock/shoe on before my right. I don’t know if it’s a deep lying superstition or a lifelong habit. I’ve also ridden around Rotherham town centre on the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang after winning a colouring competition. 

What’s your biggest achievement as an artist?

I was interviewed by BBC Music Intro in the Channel Islands and asked to provide a mini-mix for one of their shows a few months ago, which was really nice and unexpected. It might sound a bit corny, but just having people consistently stream and listen to my music is a big achievement in itself. 

What makes you stand out as an artist?

Judging by the feedback I’ve received over the last year, I’d say it’s my minimalistic approach, and my ability to allow space for the different sounds within my tracks to evolve. 

Right now, what’s pissing you off the most? (Can’t say the virus )


I hear you have a new album brewing, what can you tell us about it?

Yes, my debut album “Landing” is out on September 3rd. It’s a 6-track LP, ranging across several electronic styles, genres, and influences. You’ll find atmospheric, cinematic, ambient electro on there, as well as some minimal-techno and downtempo. After releasing several singles and EPs, I decided that I wanted to really focus on putting an album together. I started fully focusing on it’s production towards the end of last year, and wrapped everything up a couple of months ago. 

What was the recording process like?

Interesting. Really fun on some days, and really frustrating on others. I revisited a couple of tracks that I started in 2017, so it was great to witness them develop from their humble beginnings. Up until last year, I was releasing music under the pseudonym Cosmosapien. Listening back to some of my early releases, I realised that I’d rushed out a few tracks and the production wasn’t that great. I went back to a couple of my favorites and (hopefully) improved them for the album. 

What was the biggest learning curve in writing the album?

Learning to be patient and not just throw things into my tracks for the sake of it, which is something I used to be guilty of. I’ve learned that for me, less is more. As previously mentioned, it’s been great to go back to old tracks which were uninspiring or I struggled with at the time, and to find a spark of inspiration and turn them into fully blossomed compositions. 

Would you change anything now it’s finished?

I don’t think so. Maybe I’d have added a previously released single or two. Apart from that, there’s nothing I’d change. I’m just excited to get it out there.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

Just keep loving each other. We all need it.