RGM Introducing – PerfectParachutePicture

Hiya folks good to talk with you again, take a seat, what made you decide to go for it as a band?

With Sheffield’s incredible scene in the late 2000’s, who didn’t want to start a band? We enjoyed getting together once a week and playing, badly, as all teenage musicians do and we just developed a love for playing and being in a band that eventually ended up at us forming PPP.

What is the unsigned scene in Sheffield like at the minute?

As always, new bands and musicians are coming onto the scene, which means there’s always a flow of new and exciting things coming out. There’s some great bands coming through, and there’s also some amazing pop music being released at the moment too. There’s a lot of extremely talented people in Sheffield and the surrounding areas and it can only be a good thing.

What good bands are coming out of Sheffield at the minute? 

Deadblondestars have just released their debut album and the track ‘Bitter Tongue’ may have one of the best opening riffs to an album we’ve heard for a long, long time. Grunge music at its most powerful. We’re really into Femur and what they’re doing at the moment. If you listen to their song structures, they use so many amazing tones to get that huge dirty, dark sound. We also really like what LIO are doing right now. The vocals are so strong, it’s hard to not admire it really.

You have been going for more than 10 years I think? How do you feel like you are progressing through the industry?

We formed in early 2013, so not quite hit the 10 year mark yet, however still a fairly long time when other Sheffield bands have come and gone during that period. The drive and passion that we have for our music means that we’re constantly progressing, just take a look at 2019 when, for us, we hit all of the goals we set out to do. We played at Hillsborough Park for Tramlines, we released our long awaited debut album which was met with high praise, attracting interest online from around the world, and to top off the year we supported one of our favourite bands, Pulled Apart by Horses, at a sold out hometown show.

People are unaware of just how tough the music industry is to break through, how do you stay motivated?

If you truly believe in the music that you create and you surround yourself with people who offer constructive support, then you have the drive to push on. We’ve had push backs, financial difficulties and had to do a lot of stuff DIY, but we’ve always had an attitude which makes us never give up in what we believe in.

Is there enough support out there for new artists?

There’s support everywhere, but there’s so many new bands forming literally every day, it’s very easy to slip through the net. It’s probably a band’s responsibility to keep working and pushing. If you’re prolific in your songwriting, and also in your motivation, someone will take notice, even at the lowest level. And that’s what it’s all about really.

I was lucky enough to catch you on the Leadmill stage at Sheffield’s Tramlines festival last year was it the most fun you have had on stage? Talk us through the day of the show and how it went?

It was hands down the biggest and best show we’ve ever played. We strive under pressure and to perform to a crowd like that, having everyone in the tent fixated on every note and beat played, was a dream come true. We promoted the hell out of it, leading up to the festival because we wanted as many people as possible to know that a band called Perfectparachutepicture was playing. We were first on after the comedy, following Reginald D. Hunter (yep, that is pretty surreal in itself), and we were expecting maybe half a tent full as the first band on for the day. But when we walked out to a pretty much full tent, it just felt like everything had been working towards that moment, and it gave us so much more drive and passion to keep moving forward.

What was the worst experience on stage?

We’ve played our fair share of empty venues, which are always slightly underwhelming, but one that stands out is when we were booked for an ‘outdoor festival’ in one of our very early shows. We didn’t know much about it so when we got there and realised it was a medieval re-enactment event, we weren’t in the highest of hopes that it would go well. We got through two songs before someone literally pulled the plug. Not one of our finest shows.

Tell us something about each member yourself that you think people would be surprised about? 

Kyle: It’s definitely a difficult question to answer, I think the most ‘surprising’ thing people may find about me is that I’ve worked ‘behind the scenes’ in the music industry since I was 18, setting up shows across the country for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Lionel Richie and Take That to name but a few.

Ed: Like Kyle, I’ve also worked in live events with my degree being in Sound and Lighting. This led me to working in education in Performing Arts, and I’ve recently gone on to qualify as a primary school teacher. I was somehow alsoroped into supporting Rotherham United as a young kid, not many Sheffield Millers about, that’s for sure!

What’s your biggest achievement as a band?

Last year we released our debut album to a great critical reception, which was an amazing feeling, after piecing years of work together and releasing for everyone to hear. Then obviously, the Tramlines show last year was the dream come true that we’ve already spoke about. Certainly though, our biggest achievement is still to come.

What makes you stand out as a band?

The aesthetic of a two piece with a singing drummer definitely makes us stand out straight away, but the sheer determination we have as a band, and the hard working attitude we’ve shown truly makes us respected in the Sheffield scene.

Right now, what’s pissing you off the most? (Cant say the virus 🙂 ) 

It would be obvious to mention the current pandemic, although we’re missing meeting up for practices weekly and the inability to play live shows, the situation however, for us, has made us think more out of the box. It’s all about the creative mindset. So in answer to the question, not much is really pissing us off per se.

It’s strange times at the min with the virus almost stopping the whole live music scene in UK and abroad, how do you plan to stay productive while we get through this?

We have already been extremely productive. Luckily we shot the music video for our next release just days before the lockdown in the UK was announced. We have also filmed sessions from home and released those on our YouTube channel. You’ve just got to stay productive in any way that you can.

Tell us about a time when you had a proper reyt laugh while you were all together?

We both love being in a band, and the times are endless to list, but generally, we seem to loosen up after we’ve had a great show and the buzz of any gig seems keep us laughing and joking for the rest of the night. You just can’t beat that feeling.

I hear you have a new single brewing, what can you tell us about it?

With the risk of sounding cliché, it’s our best stuff yet. It’s a modern rock song, with pop vocals and a catchy hook which continues on by keeping the popular riffs coming.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the world?

Yeah, buying a bike during lockdown is a completely impulsive act, and the pain that it causes to the backside is simply not worth it. But more importantly, stay safe and keep supporting the bands you love by buying their merch and streaming their music.

Ha Ha Thanks for your time lads.