RGM Introducing – Sauce

Hiya folks take a seat, what made you decide to start a band?

The Beatles. Absolutely obsessed. How can you listen to their albums and look at what they did and not think – yeah I want a piece of that. 

What is the music scene unsigned scene in Manchester like at the minute?

It’s a strange one, there are lots of bands but loads of different genres going on – so I wouldn’t say there is one common scene, either that or we’re just not part of it ha. 

I think the indie / punk thing is probably the most popular thing right now, which to be fair is a bit different from us. You’ve got bands like Blinders who have made their name in Manchester then gone further afield which is something we’re hoping to emulate for definite. 

How do you feel like you are progressing through the industry?

It’s a tough one – we’re nowhere near where we’d like to be, but then again we’re seriously ambitious. Then at the same time the people that do dig what we do have some really nice things to say about us and reckon we’re in a good place. Fuck knows. All I know is we’ve got to keep grafting and put ourselves in the shop window and get the chance to show bigger crowds what we’re about. 

We’ve realised it’s going to take time. But we’re not giving up any time soon and the signs are positive. 

Your new video is absolutely superb, probably the best video ive seen, who did that for you?

It’s a mate of our drummer George – called Luke Dewhurst. He did the lyric video for our last single ‘Sister Brother’ which was also fucking mint, and then as we couldn’t get out to shoot a proper music video we got him on board for this. We weren’t expecting what he’s produced though, he’s taken a simple idea and ran with it big time. 

Given all the shite that we’re putting up with in the world at the moment, it’s offered the escapism we were hoping to produce. We definitely owe him a pint when we’re all back to normal.

What was the most fun you have had on stage?

2019 gave us some top moments on stage to be fair, we did two DIY UK tours and they were the best times we’ve had as a band – it’s come together a lot in the last 18 months. 

We were meant to open the mainstage at Bingley Weekender and in the end we couldn’t due to it being too windy or some bollocks – it was all a bit mad. We ended up replacing another band who couldn’t make it and played the second stage about 5pm to our biggest crowd to date – ended up being class really and probably the best gigs we’ve ever done. 

What was the worst experience on stage?

In the early days we hit up a Spoons before a gig and ended up doubling up on a burger each, I think we finished eating about 10 mins before the gig. We were shit. Couldn’t stop burping and that. I think it’s the only gig where we’ve restarted songs. Bad.

Tell us something about each member yourself that you think people would be surprised about? 

We each support different teams across the North; Deano – Burnley, Henry – Crewe Alexandra, George – Bradford City and Rushton – Manchester City. It’s a massive part of the band and we put a four fold accy on every week, aka the Sauce bet. It’s not come in once (apart from the time we forgot to put the bet on).

One of our major dreams as a band is to do a stadium tour of all of our team’s home grounds. When we’re massive and that. Four nights, going up in capacity each time: Gresty Road, Turf Moor, Valley Parade, The Etihad. It would be absolutely bonkers, and I don’t think a band has ever done it before. 

What makes you stand out as a band?

Deano’s voice without doubt. Since he joined 3 years ago and as time has gone on it’s become more and more apparent that anything big that happens to this band is down to the vocal tekkers of that guy. The vocal melodies he writes too are properly impressive. 

We write around him now and push him when it comes down to recording, which is why Sister Brother and All Of Us sound as good as they do. Those two tracks, to me at least, are where we truly begin from and Deano’s voice on both are mind blowing. It’s our duty as a band to write the best songs possible to give his voice the platform to be heard by the huge audiences it deserves.

Its strange times at the min with the virus stopping the whole live music scene in UK and abroad, how do you stay productive while we get through this?

Yeah, it has been shite, we’ve lost our biggest headline to date at Soup Kitchen (April 18th) and then there are great festival slots we’ve had cancelled and other festivals etc in the balance. It’s a minging time for everyone, bands, promoters, and obviously music fans – which is the shittest bit. At least there are new still releases though.

We’ve been keeping busy, knocking out some videos for all the fans back at home and obviously we’ve been catching up loads making some pretty big plans for next year now which is cool. Gotta stay positive and productive, so plenty of individual writing sessions – no excuse not to really, apart from when Footy Manager is calling…

Tell us about a time when you had a proper reyt laugh while you were all together?

Fucking hell, plenty of occasions really but the best at this point would be Easter Bank Holiday in 2019 where we had a gig in London then went over to Brighton straight after. Post gig, three of us have got on the beers, bit of a smoke, sun’s out and all that – chatted absolute shite to the promoter afterwards and a couple of people who had watched. 

Absolutely class. Aerosmith on (Sweeeeeeet Emotion, if you know you know), driving over to Brighton – definitely doing Deano’s head in whose turn it was to drive that weekend – we get there to this nice little air bnb and the parking is ruthless, Deano had some pretty major issues with the reverse park, a door mirror may have got bent back Stead and Rushton are in the back out their heads and pissing themselves, and the term ‘clown car’ has not stopped being used since. It was funny if you were there, one of them ones eh.

Tell me about your new single and how it came about?

We had the song written and as per had a shitty phone recording of it. We all went to Kendal Calling last July and one night whacked it on, a bit fucked and that. We were fully buzzing off it and I don’t think we’d long since written it. 

I’m personally very proud of it, it’s a big tune and when you look into it properly – the lyrics, the meaning , it might not what people would expect from us, that could be bullshit, but yeah I want people to know that our tunes mean something, and something fucking positive at that. Same with Sister Brother.

What message do you have for your fans in lockdown?

We hope the videos we have been putting out are giving them something to smile about in these weird times. We’ve got some massive things planned, we’re thinking well ahead into next year as well as trying to get another Manchester headline gig booked for as soon as it’s safe to do so. Thanks a lot for staying interested, we’re going to back better than ever with a new focus which we’re all buzzing about it. 

Cheer lads see yer about

Just a quick note to let you know that Sauce drummer George Stead is chopping off his luscious locks to raise some money for the NHS too, don ate HERE????


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